May 31, 2023

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Attack on Christina Kirchner: Custody dispute | Armored Car and Vice President Testimony

The macrismo-affiliated media try to put the attack against Christina Kirchner on roughly the same level and point to them as custody failures. The judge took statements from all members of the Central Police who were directly responsible for the security of the vice president. They surrounded her on Thursday during the assassination attempt: Sub-Inspector Santiago Guglielmoni, Chief Madias Fernandez, Commissioner Vicente Pellegrino and Chief Guillermo Gallo. They were all less than two meters apart. In addition, there were six patrol cars on Juncal and Uruguay streets.

Severe defects during the attack

Former members of the Federation and especially those in presidential custody, told this newspaper There were serious drawbacks. Nor did the second line intervene, watching the people and troops ready to attack anyone who drew a knife or weapon. La Persa was inches from the vice president’s head. Secondly, the reaction of those around CFK was very slow and inadequate.

It is also true that developed countries have no response to similar attacks: the recent assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and again attacks against Isaac Rabin, Ronald Reagan, John Paul II.

Cappuccitti inquires about custody, not because there is a crime — a public official’s breach of duty is a willful crime, that is, only if it is intentional — but because he needs to see the whole picture of what happened.. That’s why he asked Christina Kirchner directly about the issue.

CFK is difficult to protect

It is already known that the Vice President said that he was not aware of the attack and was very satisfied with the detention. It is more, He signed his statement that he defined himself as “unruly,” meaning he did not obey the signs given to him on security grounds.

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Something that could be seen with the naked eye, just like what she saw in her husband. Nestor Kirchner is remembered from his first day as president because a photographer accidentally hit him as he stepped out in public; At Catamarca, a sympathizer turned the ear as a sign of affection.

The problem is that the political environment has changed. There are already warnings about the existence of other groups, such as those with neo-Nazi ideology and weapons, who could act as the attacker did. For now, it was decided to transfer the car to CFK this Friday: from now on it will move to the armored Ford Mondeo. There’s a barrier, she gets off and on, she goes to greet people, and that leaves more room for attack. That same Friday, after the assassination attempt, she left her building and approached those who were waiting for her.