May 30, 2023

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At least two people have been killed and four others injured in a shooting at a concert in Paraguay

Today, some men carry the victim of a shooting recorded at a concert in San Bernardino (Paraguay).

At least two people have been killed and four others injured in a shooting in the middle of a concert in San Bernardino, Paraguay.The reasons or possible authors are not known, local media reported.

The event took place at the José Asunción Flores Amphitheater, where a concert called Ja’umina Fest was taking place, attended by thousands of people.

One of the dead was the famous model Cristina Vita Aranda, the wife of footballer Evan Torres, who played for the Olympia club in Paraguay.

Yolanda Gonzalez, director of the National Hospital in Itagua, confirmed to the station ABC TV Aranda’s death after being hospitalized with an “assigned prognosis” after receiving a bullet to the head.

Another unidentified person died at the scene, according to participants’ versions quoted by local media.

Christina Aranda
Christina Aranda

ABC TV Based on the report of the Ministry of Health Four people were transferred to hospital centers after gunshot wounds and their condition is stable.

Local media have not ruled out that it was an attack, although that version has not been confirmed by authorities.

“At first we thought it was fireworks,” a witness told the ABC portal. But then he saw the crowd of people trying to get out, and the danger took on a dimension. “They asked you to register for the vaccine to enter the concert. My friend did not bring her card, but she stepped inside. They were not looking for our bag. They did not check anything, ”he said.

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Images of what happened in the middle of the concert flooded social media, and it was immediately suspended.

On this occasion, the Joumina Festival brought together artists like the Colombian band Bilateral gold And the Argentine team Girls are free, Among others.

The event took place during the live performance of the band ‘Phenomio de Oro’ at the Jose Asuncion Flores Amphitheater and the concert was stopped immediately.

Journalist Lisandra Aguilar wrote on her Twitter account:I was singing the songs of Phonomio di Oro on the top of my lungs and saw a woman fainting when she saw a woman being killed. People started running, some were stained with blood, things were thrown, noise, nerves occupied me. Today I value life so much. Theories of what was going on began to develop, and we even heard that a group of 10 armed men were killing everyone. Terrible uncertainty”.

(With information from EFE)