February 7, 2023

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AstraZeneca announces positive results for a corona antiviral drug | AZD7442 reduced the chance of developing severe forms of the disease by 67 percent

A Corona virus antibody cocktail Developed by the lab AstraZeneca Bold Positive results in clinical trials Phase 3. The company has contracted with the United States to provide up to 700,000 doses of this treatment.

Medicine, Is called AZD7442, Contains a combination of antibodies. Tests ”The result is a Statistically satisfactory reduction in severe cases of Govit-19 or deaths from disease Compared with placebo in outpatients with mild or moderate symptoms.

How it was in Lesson 3 AZD7442

As AstraZeneca explained in a statement, Ninety percent of the study participants were considered high-risk patients For example, with comorbidities- and the possibility of developing severe forms of corona virus.

Participants received treatment within five days of the first symptoms, and an initial analysis of the results showed that “AZD7442 reduced the risk of developing severe or dangerous COVID-19 in 67% of cases compared to placebo”The report said.

Emergency authorization

“As severe Govt-19 cases continue around the world, there is a significant need for new therapies such as AZD7442 to protect vulnerable populations,” said Hu Montgomery, professor of intensive care medicine at University College London. Clinical trial, incl 903 people participated.

The British-Swedish laboratory will present the data to health officials and has already submitted an application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of the treatment.

In March, Astrogeneca announced an agreement with the United States to provide up to 700,000 doses of this treatment With antibodies for the country this year Total $ 726 million.

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