May 31, 2023

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Argentina to chair UN Human Rights Council for first time The decision on the 2022 leadership will be made at 11 a.m. Monday, Argentina time

Argentina will chair the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Results Who will occupy this space in 2022 will be taken into consideration This Monday at 11pm Argentine time, A Full session of the committee, In Geneva. Governments Latin America and the Caribbean Already unanimous decision Propose to our country And, – as they have promised in diplomatic circles-, the Candidate Got it Supported by 47 members of the Council . If implemented, it would be the first time that Argentina has led a major international human rights body..

The Choose I.e. a Diplomatic achievement. The support of Latin America and the Caribbean is the first step in an agreement to reach a state elected by the 47 members of the Council. From Chancellor’s House They are silent on the matter: the decision of the portfolio holder Santiago Kafiro Do not provide any official information until the promotion process is complete.

The 47 team members To be like Function to discuss and articulate human rights violations perpetrated by national governments. Their integration is similar to the geographical distribution. It has 13 locations in Africa, 13 locations in Asia and the Pacific, 8 locations in Latin America and the Caribbean, 7 locations in Western Europe and other states, and 6 locations in Eastern Europe.

In October, the United States rejoined the Council, following the decision of President Joe Biden. The North was not a part of the body during Donald Trump’s government – he accused it of hypocrisy and cruelty against Israel. That deviation opened the door for China to strengthen its views in the international arena. For example, along with its partners in Belarus and Venezuela, China has condemned human rights abuses in Western countries, such as the case of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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During the administration of Felipe Zola, the Argentine government won the support of Venezuela and Cuba as a candidate, despite the shock created by the support given to the Argentine referendum report in the Assembly. Michelle Bachelet on the human rights situation in Venezuela, harshly criticizing the administration of Nicolas Maduro. In a similar vein, this year he expressed “concern” about the “human rights situation in Nicaragua,” particularly about the “arrests of political opposition figures.”

There will be no shortage of strong debates in 2022. The presidency will play a leading role in leading Argentina, however, as in college organizations, that role will not be voted on. By 2022, the Council will have to analyze the drastic human rights situation in many countries, conduct a global periodic review of human rights, and make decisions to address the pending issues of the global human rights protection agenda, including support for reporters and independent work. Experts on various topics are carried out.

If Argentina is elected, the ambassador to international organizations, industrial diplomat Federico Villegas Beltron, will be in charge of chairing the council.

At the local level, the referendum coincides with the government’s preparations to hold a grand event at Plaza de Mayo on December 10, Human Rights Day, marking the 38th anniversary of the return of democracy.

The President was already expecting to give the nature of the popular festival and some of its items known dates, such as hosting a festival at Plaza de Mayo.

The event will begin with the presentation of the Azucena Villaflor Awards, which will include this year’s Plaza de Mayo’s grandmother, Estella de Carlotto, Plaza de Mayo’s founder’s mother, Daddy Almeida, former senator and human rights defender, Hippolyto Solari Jericho, and filmmaker Pablo Torello.

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At the event in Plaza de Mayo, Fernandez will share the stage with Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has already confirmed that he will travel to Buenos Aires to attend.

December 10 is the date of many celebrations. It has been two years since the government of Frendo de Todos took office, and that date is now, although they promise that the pronunciation in Gaza Rosada will not be indiscriminate.

Minister of Public Works Gabriel Gadobotis has already stated in radio reports that “this process is open and comprehensive because it is consistent and what we want.” In these ways, recognition at the awards carries that identity: one of the recipients is Pablo Torello, the former senator of the UCR and the filmmaker who produced the descendants and documentary of Argentina’s first radical president. “Historia de Aparecidos”, its investigation allowed the discovery of the remains of Asucina Villaflor.