May 31, 2023

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Argentina denies presence of Nicaraguan accused in AMIA attack | Mohsen Rezai reappointed Daniel Ortega as president

The Argentine Foreign Ministry on Tuesday condemned the reappointment of Daniel Ortega as President of Nicaragua in the presence of Mohsen Rezai, Iran’s Vice President for Economic Affairs. Rezai was one of five Iranians who needed arrest warrants with a red alert for an attack against the AMIA.

“The Republic of Argentina expresses its strong condemnation. His presence in Managua is an insult to the Argentine judge and to the victims of the horrific terrorist attacks against the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA). The Argentine government reiterates that the Iranian government must fully cooperate with justice, Allowing competent courts to prosecute those accused of involvement in the attack on AMIA, ”the official statement said.

Capitanic was discovered in the Argentine press

Foreign Ministry sources said that the cable explaining this was sent by Argentine Ambassador to Nicaragua Daniel Capitanich. At no time did he see or be in the same area where Rosai was because the ambassadors were elsewhere on campus. What’s more, Capitolini said he learned of the Iranian vice president’s presence by reading the Argentine newspapers on Tuesday.

According to former ambassador Diego Guler, who wrote a paragraph on InfobeCapitanich, a diplomatic secretary, said Rezai Managua was relaunched, but the ambassador denied it in a cable: he learned that Rezai was the result of references in the Argentine press, this Tuesday.

Sources in the relatives of the AMIA victims said Page 12 The ambassador should know who is attending a ceremony that he is going to attend on behalf of the Argentine government. For its part, the Israeli embassy in Argentina also issued an important statement: “Mr. Mohsen Rezai is registered in the REPET (Public Register of Terrorist Acts and Their Financing of Persons and Organizations) and his person weighs in on a red circular. From Interpol. We are sorry to hear that you have shared the official event with the Argentine authorities. “

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Journeys of the accused by the AMIA

As it happened again and again, Defendants in high office of the Tehran government travel with official passports and as a result of summons from the governments of various countries. That is, the respective police forces – Interpol branches – do not intervene to carry out arrests because they are apparently dependent on governments. Rezai was in Singapore, Malaysia and possibly South Korea, while another defendant, Ahmed Wahidi, was now interior minister in Bolivia. Last August, Argentina condemned two appointments by the Iranian government.

In fact, Red Alert catches are designed to track down common criminals who claim their own country. For example, a drug dealer, a traitor, a murderer involved in a common act and a survivor in each case. In general, all states want to catch them and stop effectively. In the AMIA case, those accused of killing 85 people in Pastor 633’s building are being claimed by Argentina and protected by Iran. In Interpol it has always been a conflict and the truth is that those arrest warrants were voted on at the Interpol General Assembly in Marrakesh. There were 74 votes in favor of the arrest, 14 against and 28 against.

Accusation against Resoy for attack on AMIA

At the time of the attack, Rezoy was the commander of the Revolutionary Guards And the indictment of Argentine justice is based on the presence of a meeting of Iran’s top officials in the holy city of Mahsat in 1993. The meeting is said to have ended the offensive against AMIA, Whose execution was carried out – always according to the indictment – by the military wing of the Lebanese Hezbollah party affiliated with Iran.

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The Iranian government has always denied any involvement in the Jewish mutual attack and all argued that the inventions of the Iranian opposition were deported to Europe and paid for by the United States or Israel.

Subsequent governments of Argentina have demanded that the accused appear in Argentine’s competent courts and give their answer and defend themselves as if they were the accused. Tehran categorically denies it. On the one hand, there is Iranian law prohibiting the deportation of Iranians – a rule that exists in Brazil and many other countries that do not extradite their nationals – on the other hand, Argentina does not allow trials, i.e., the accused must appear.

The idea of ​​holding a trial in a third country was considered, and then the memorandum was signed, which required the defendants to testify before an Argentine judge, but in Tehran, and with a factual authority, had no authority to intervene. , But he will oversee the operations. The agreement was declared unconstitutional. After those twists and turns, the reality today is that red alert seizures are in place, but they are of little effective, especially for senior Iranian officials traveling to countries with good relations with Tehran with official passports.