May 30, 2023

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Arab diplomats have invited Alberto Fernandez to the Gulf, but the government is considering sending Sergio Massa.

President Alberto Fernandez and Minister of Economy, Serge Massa, He held a meeting with the Arab envoys At the Casa Rosada they signed trade agreements, sought to deepen ties and planned possible projects aimed at bringing foreign currency to Argentina.

Ambassadors of India attended the meeting Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In addition to the President and Massa, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiro, Governor of Santa Fe Omar Perotti and Vice Governor of Córdoba Manuel Calvo participated. A meeting with a photograph, without lunch as expected.

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As far as he could tell TNFour countries They invited Fernandez to meet themWhat would be his maiden voyage to the Persian Gulf. But beyond the fact that the government is trying to boost the president’s international profile, Massa is the one who can lead the visit.

President Fernandez presides over a meeting with Arab diplomats. (Photo: President)

This possibility was discussed before the meeting Noon today and form Part of the new economy minister’s strategy To raise funds abroad. Several meetings with ambassadors and the subsequent visit to America were framed within this framework.

In search of dollars and investments

Each Arab country came to Casa Rosada with a particular interest. The central axis of the meeting was the signing of a guarantee agreement between Santa Fe and Córdoba with Kuwait for the construction of the Santa Fe-Córdoba bi-provincial pipeline in its phase 1. The loan amount is about 50 million dollars.

The government’s main issue floated in the air: Financing the Russian-Saudi fund. Sergio Massa was one of those who spearheaded the opening of talks when Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal Al Saud visited Argentina in November last year.

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Argentina since that moment It is trying to agree that about 6,500 million dollars will be givenThis will help shore up the central bank’s weak coffers. It won’t be as transformative as it is with ChinaBut a type of loan against debentures and illiquid reserves.

For their part, different diplomatic sources confirmed to this media The United Arab Emirates expressed its desire to close the Free Trade Agreement with Mercosur.

Greetings of the President with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in view of the Ambassador of Kuwait.  (Photo: President)
Greetings of the President with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in view of the Ambassador of Kuwait. (Photo: President)

This Arab country is a hub of oil wealth and innovation. became one of the main poles of commercial interest In the last times. Until March this year, Expo Dubai 2020 hosted an international exhibition in which Kafiro participated in seeking business links.

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Unanimously, all diplomats highlighted the potential for progress in South-South cooperation, with a plan to unify a common agenda with the Arab world. For his part, the president assured them that Argentina would seek to establish state-to-state agreements.

Alberto Fernandez and the envoys who met the authorities M. Al Dosari (Qatar), Abdullah Ali Alyahya (Kuwait), Saeed Abdullah Saif AlKhemsi (United Arab Emirates), and Hussain Mohammed Alaziri (Saudi Arabia).