June 6, 2023

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An unexpected discovery in the Atacama Trench at a depth of 8,000 meters has everyone worried.

In January, A The scientific expedition reached a historic milestone. For the first time, Descended to a depth of more than 8000 meters To explore the mysteries hidden in the ocean depths of the Atacama Trench, located 160 kilometers off the coast of Chile. However, beyond the great achievement, They discovered something and called the attention of mankind.

The The Atacama Trench is over 8,000 meters deep. Located off the coast of Chile and Peru. No human had seen it directly and with their own eyes until earlier this year, but that changed thanks to the work of scientists at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography at the University of Concepcion in Chile. Dive into the mysteries of the ocean. Achieving a goal personally and professionally with great achievement, They discovered something that absolutely terrified them.

“That feat Humans reached the bottom of the Atacama Trench for the first time, the news spread around the world,” said Osvaldo Ulloa, director of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography. However, all is not happy because they run into something shocking: At a depth of 8,000 meters they found a blue plastic bag.

A shocking discovery in the Atacama Trench

Before us, there was a bucket of cold water to check that our waste had arrived”, revealed the expert, who together with the deputy director of the company, Ruben Escripano, had the opportunity to fulfill his dream and step into the depths of the Peru-Chile trench for the first time, together with the American explorer Victor Vescovo. In 2019, Recorded by BBCHe became the first person to visit the five deepest points of the five oceans in a specially built submarine to accomplish the mission.

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News portal Counter, released the first images of the historic expedition that brought the most disturbing discovery to all of humanity. A blue garbage bag could be clearly distinguished among them Descended more than 8000 meters until reaching the depths of the ocean. It has created an awareness for all the people to redouble their efforts and become truly aware of the pollution and harms caused to the environment.

They found a plastic bag in the Atacama trench (Photo: El Mostradore)

“Plastic, in particular, They remain at the bottom of the ocean for centuriesNot as a milestone of our bravery and technological progress, but of our arrogance and insensitivity to the damage we are causing to the oceans,” said Osvaldo Ulloa.

Likewise, a Chilean marine explorer called for awareness of the worrying situation he found when he was on a mission in January this year. “The fact that there is more than 8 thousand meters of debris is very dramatic. We need to stop thinking of the ocean as a big waste and make an urgent cultural change”, he concluded.