May 31, 2023

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An expert explains why a herd of goats keeps walking in circles

will do A strange phenomenon was recorded over two weeks ago: A flock of sheep never stops walking in a circle for more than 15 days., and it is not known whether they stopped eating or sleeping at any time. The video, which has gone viral on social media, was recorded on a security camera at a farm in the area Inner Mongoliain the north China. Experts tried to come to a conclusion about the reasons for this fact A teacher in England offered a possible explanation.

A strange pattern followed by the sheep It started last November 4th and continues till todayChinese state media reported People’s Daily. In the video, you can see how these animals walk in dozens of directions Form a circle, clockwise. Others of them are either out of rotation or stationary at the center of the circle. Although Whether they stop eating and sleep is not mentioned.

Goats walking in circles

A mystery that puzzled not only the owner of the farm identified as The girl meowsBut after the videos spread around the world, maybe that will be resolved. Matt BellProfessor and Director, Department of Agriculture, University of Hartbury, Gloucester (England). proposed a theory This explains the strange behavior of goats.

“Goats seem to have been written off for a long time, leading to this Same behaviorWith repeated turns in a circle, Because of the frustration that was locked in the pen”, The expert explained to the press Newsweek. He further noted: “This is not good. Then the other goats join the herd like animals and merge with their peers.

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As reported by local media Miao keeps goats in 34 stablesBut this behavior Appeared in only one The number of herds is 13. Some experts point out that this may be a question A bacterial diseasela Listeriosis, Depression or loss of appetite.

The ListeriosisAlso known as “round disease,” according to the Veterinary Manual, its main characteristic is that affected animals lean on stationary objects or walk toward the affected side. Manual Merc. Infection Produced by Eating contaminated food with bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. Generally, these animals and goats become ill in this way by consuming contaminated corn between the first and third year of life.. However, according to the same local media, apparently, Goats are in perfect health.

Goats walk in circles even during the day.@Geryco81/Twitter

As described in a study from the University of Iowa, il America, In ruminants, [esta enfermedad] Brain swelling, miscarriages or blood poisoning can occur”. The text noted: “Symptoms include depression, anorexia, fever, lack of coordination, salivation, facial paralysis, and circling.”