May 31, 2023

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An Austrian brothel offers free service to those who are vaccinated there with “your favorite girl”

A vaccination clinic has been set up on the site for customers who want to get an attractive offer.

Achieving the long-awaited global herd immunity against COVID-19 is a challenge that many countries take very seriously, encouraging creative campaigns to encourage their people to be vaccinated.

At the onset of the epidemic, it was reported that New York was distributing marijuana cigarettes to young people who agreed to receive the vaccine. Just a few days ago, The 25-year-old Australian millionaire won the prize, all you have to do to get into it is get vaccinated. But none of these incentives are as extraordinary as the Austrian initiative Set up a vaccination point at a brothel in its capital Vienna and offer free time with “your favorite girl” to clients who agree to be vaccinated.

The brothel is called the “Fun Palace” and its owner, Christoph Lee Lecker, firmly believes it is a revolutionary bet, a “declaration” of intentions in a profession.

“This is really a great move, especially since we publish such a report in our industry. Now we have an excellent vaccination site and it is very popular.” Dijo Christoph and Reuters.

The brothel offer is free for 30 minutes for one of their sex workers, no matter what the client chooses, first they have to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.

Clients waiting in line to be vaccinated at a brothel in Vienna (Austria)
Clients waiting in line to be vaccinated at a brothel in Vienna (Austria)

According to Christophe, the idea arose with the intention of contributing to the mass immunization of the country, but as a way to safely reactivate its business after the economic cessation of the epidemic.

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“Due to the epidemic, we have lost 50 per cent (of customers) and we hope this initiative will increase the number of customers again.”The brothel owner said the mail was quoted online.

The program started on November 1st and customers can be vaccinated at the brothel on Mondays throughout the month from 4pm to 10pm. Beneficiaries will receive a Sanaa Club voucher worth 40.

30 minutes in heaven with someone "Women" The brothel is the exchange they make for those who agree to be vaccinated in Austria.
Being in paradise for 30 minutes with one of the “women” of the brothel is an exchange they make in Austria for those who agree to be vaccinated.

Austria has imposed a strict rule called 2G, which prohibits unvaccinated people from entering restaurants, pubs, restrooms and other public places.. Restrictions have been introduced to deal with the delay of vaccination Only 65 percent of Austrians are fully vaccinated.

“Anyway I would have been vaccinated, but the 2G rule certainly speeded things up a bit and my acquaintance arranged this and thought we would do it. I think this is very good because in this way we can achieve the best vaccine and at some point it is necessary to end the infection ”,” he said. Gearhar, a prostitute client, told Reuters.

The European country has a population of over 2.5 million, but it is seeing a sharp increase in new cases of Govit-19. According to Sky News, Austria registered 9,943 new cases on Saturday, breaking the previous worst single-day record of 13 November 2020, with an increase of 9,586 cases in the country.

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