March 22, 2023

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An Argentine tourist has died after a bus overturned in Punta Cana, adding to the death toll of four others.

Reports suggest that the driver was driving under the influence of cocaine.

Bus overturned tragedy Punta Cana A new victim is added, in this case it is Alejandro Luis Klinec37, who traveled on vacation Dominican Republic with his wife. Along the way, four people have already died in the accident, including three Argentines and one Peruvian.

According to local media reports, the man was hospitalized at Hospitalton Medical Center in Bavaro, Punta Cana, located in La Altagracia province.

The group traveled a lot 40 foreigners, including Argentine, Brazilian, Peruvian and Chilean. The crash injured dozens, with over 26 people receiving medical evacuations in total. As a result of the road accident, the passengers suffered injuries of varying severity and were transferred to three hospitals in the Caribbean country. A woman had to have surgery to amputate her arm, and a man suffered a fractured skull.

The latest victim of the crash is Alejandro Luis Klinek, 37, who was on vacation with his wife in the Dominican Republic.
The latest victim of the crash is Alejandro Luis Klinek, 37, who was on vacation with his wife in the Dominican Republic.

The crash cost Argentina lives Valeria Victoria Brovelli (33) Y Valeria Paola Medina (44) and Peruvian Carla Rodriguez.

Investigations revealed that the bus driver was on an excursion when the accident occurred. Sona IslandAs reported by Diario Libre, the vehicle lost control while trying to avoid a car and a truck on Boulevard Turistico del Este, at the height of the Mine Crossing of the Total Bomb.

So far 4 people have died in this accident.
So far 4 people have died in this accident.

Now, the driver is facing trial for the claim One year pre-trial detention A demand has been made by the public ministry against the bus driver. The court took this decision on the defense plea of ​​the driver Driving under the influence of cocaine. Expertise in toxicology Franklin Nin Perez (47) Revealed the man He had used that medicine.

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Two passengers, Mara and her mother Esther, spoke to this medium and narrated their ordeal. “The ambulance took a long time to come. Firefighters rushed into action and set up turnstiles. “Most of the people saved were wearing seat belts,” they said.

“We waited for the ambulance for about half an hour. I took my wife to a private fireman and we left here (IMG Hospital). She lost an arm,” said Diego Martín Donali, the husband of Paola Medina, two companions on the bus.

Mara and Esther report that they received good medical care from the travel assistance service they contracted with before their stay abroad. Despite this, the police took away all their cell phones, which neither of them returned, and the two have been kept in a secret location. Another perverse fact: Amidst the chaos, both men’s wallets were stolen.

In the meantime, diplomatic officials maintained a constant dialogue with those responsible for following the evolution of the three injured hospitals.

For his part, the Tourism Minister of the Dominican Republic, David Collado, also went to Punta Cana, and the government of that country ordered the action of the Civil Defense Cabinet, which will be in charge of the Vice Minister of Tourism, Patricia. Mejía , to work on the case.

“Saddened and dismayed by the unfortunate accident of a bus carrying foreigners this morning. We visited the various hospitals where they were shifted to offer our full support and solidarity at this critical time. Soon, the relevant authorities will issue a proper report, meanwhile, we ask the media and the public to be cautious in sharing information out of respect for the families and those involved,” Collado commented on his official Twitter account.

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