May 30, 2023

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An 80-year-old missing World War II aircraft has been found in the Himalayas

One World War II plane goes missing in the remote HimalayasIn India, almost 80 years later, after a complex search, three guides died.

The C-46, which was flying from Kunming (southern China) with 13 people on board, went missing in the middle of a storm in the Arunachal Pradesh hills in the first week of 1945.

“This plane has never been heard of again. It is now missing,” explained Clayton Kuhles, an American adventurer who led the mission at the request of the son of one of the victims of the crash.

Eighty years after the crash, the wreckage of the plane was found in a remote part of the Himalayas.AFP

The trip lasted several months as a team of guhlas and local guides crossed the chest deep rivers and camped in extreme temperatures. At the beginning of the mission during the blizzard three guides died due to hypothermia.

The crew, who finally found the plane on an iceberg last month, were able to identify the plane by putting the number on the tail of the plane. There were no human remains on board.

Bill Scherrer, the orphaned son who commissioned the mission, said he was glad to know where his father was. “It’s sad, but it’s happy,” he said in an email from New York to AFP.

The plane was carrying 13 people when it went missing, although no human remains were found.
The plane was carrying 13 people when it went missing, although no human remains were found.

“I grew up without a father. All I can think about is that my poor mother got a telegram and found that my dad was missing and that she was staying with me as a 13-month-old baby,” he added.

Hundreds of U.S. military planes went missing during World War II due to attacks by Japanese forces or weather in India, China and Burma.

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