May 30, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez: “We understand the Argentine problem and we were able to get the G20 to ask the IMF to resolve the extra charges” | The president said the board would review it in December

The Argentine government took from Rome what it came to see at the G20 summit: a Final document Consensus and formation of the world’s most powerful nations recommending the International Monetary Fund to continue to analyze its surcharge policy with the countries that have borrowed from the company Recession and stability funding To provide “long-term affordable” financial assistance to low- and middle-income countries. Alberto Fernandez did not hide his satisfaction at the end of the match. “We were able to get the G20 to understand the Argentine problem and raise the issue of flight attendants to the IMF,” he told reporters who accompanied him to the parade at the Edinburgh Hotel, where he will sleep after another hectic day.

The technical committees of the IMF and the Ministry of Economy stayed in Rome to continue working on the agreement. On Saturday night, after their formal 90-minute meeting, Fernandez and Georgieva continued to speak at a dinner hosted by the presidents, and in December, the Bulgarian promised that the body of the flight attendants would study the issue. .

At that dinner, Fernandez talked a lot with US President Joe Biden, acknowledging that he had “sympathy” for him, and with his wife, Jill Tracy Biden.

“We call on the world to focus on the post-epidemic problem,” he said. There is a miserable world experiencing an economic crisis that needs funding because of the massive inequality that needs to be warned“Fernandez said.

And he reiterated that he was not. By no means is Argentina going to pay $ 19 billion next year. “We want an agreement that Argentina can fulfill and the agreement signed by Mauricio Macri has not been fulfilled,” he stressed.

He has not yet spoken to Vice President Christina Kirschner about the outcome of the summit, but said he would definitely do so this Monday.

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Commenting on the meetings he held at the summit, Fernandez said: “I am committed to this support in an effort to work with Europe to resolve the debt problem.”

Chronology of the exciting day

The President has already started well tomorrow: While having breakfast at the Regina Paglion Hotel, he received good news. Maria Fernanda Silva, the ambassador to the Vatican, told him that Pope Francis had invited her to send her affection to First Lady Fabiola Janes., And bless her pregnancy, already in the fourth month of pregnancy.

The second day of the summit was aroused by the president’s presentations, in which three different groups talked about “exchanging external debt for climate action”, asking the International Monetary Fund to allow them to pay “lower rates and longer”. Giro (SDR) is used for “sustainable development”.

He also held a series of meetings with them Maxima Zorreguieta, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau; French President Emmanuel Macron And President of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tetros Adanom Capreius.

The meetings were scheduled, but outside the agenda and informally, when the summit was already over, Fernandez and Economy Minister Martin Guzman met for an hour. Jeffrey Sox, A sacred cow of critique of barbaric capitalism. The meeting postponed the departure of delegates to Edinburgh for an hour.

After boarding the plane, the President rested for a while. He will be on display at the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow starting this Monday.

Government sources said Page I12 They believe the president’s speech on Saturday underscored the International Monetary Fund’s responsibility for the irresponsible debt to former President Mauricio Macri, which was heard by other leaders and influenced the drafting of the final document of the summit.

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Although it acts as a line, not a line, they estimated that it would have an impact as it is a recommendation of the most powerful countries in the world.

This is probably One more push To bring positions closer to the Managing Director of the Company, Kristalina Georgieva, Fernandez held a 90-minute meeting with him on Saturday, which was described by both sides as “good and transparent”, but will continue because the president is firm in his position: Argentina will not be able to repay the loan unless the lending institution changes its terms for repaying the loans, Especially since it was created to fund Mauricio Macri’s re-election campaign.

Missing photo

On Sunday morning, when most of the presidents were photographed at Trevi Fountain, Fernandez used the time to prepare his three speeches.

US President Joe Biden and his Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro also carried the portrait.

The day for the president is going to be long: it started with a meeting with Zorreguieta, talked with him about strengthening the financial content in developing countries, and ended with an informal but comprehensive meeting with Sox and Martin Guzmn.

Key Definitions of Alberto Fernandez

Already on Sunday night and after the report, Fernandez took the time to explore the summit.

“Martin Guzman and Gustavo Belize stayed in Rome and held talks with the IMF group. The first review of the deal with Macri made it clear that it had failed“, Defined by the first president.

We were able to get the G20 to propose funding for low- and middle-income countries, which is important to us because middle-income countries make up 60 percent of the world’s poorest people.He added.

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“The truth is, I’m satisfied that we have achieved the goals we set for ourselves, and we have made progress in some of them. The connection we have made with Germany, with Germany, with Italy, with France is so important that we can. Move our proposals against the international financial community forward,” he encouraged.

“There are many competing interests and negotiations with finance are progressing, but it is difficult because the financial world has proven its failure and is reluctant to accept the crisis it has created,” he said. Should close the agreement with the IMF.

In December, Fernandez will meet with the IMF committee to discuss, among other issues, the issue of surcharges. The president understands that if Georgia had talked to him permanently and continued to talk at Saturday dinner, it was because he wanted to reach an agreement.

But most of the time, Fernandez talked to the first lady of America because she had to sit next to him. The president defined before the press that he agreed with many of the positions expressed by Biden, not to end capitalism, but to change capitalism.

Afterwards, the president will have dinner at the Double Tree at the Hilton Hotel and sleep for a few hours before leaving for a one-and-a-half hour drive from Edinburgh to the Climate Change Summit starting this Monday in Glasgow.

This is a good day for Argentina: one step further, the signal has been reached from the powerful to the powerful to make the world a little worse.