March 22, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez resumed his agenda at the G20 summit after suffering gastritis in Bali.

Bali (Special Envoy).- President Alberto Fernandez resumed his action this afternoon Indonesian time after suffering a health setback. high blood pressure picture, But, after much research, “A Itching gastritis with bleeding symptoms.” After leaving the hospital, the President went to Mulia Hotel to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In a new medical report, the presidential medical unit announced that he “received treatment, is in good health and will resume his activities under medical control” this afternoon in Indonesia. After Fernandez fell ill, he was treated at the Sangla General Hospital in Bali, where he accompanied a large part of his entourage. Indonesian Minister of Health.

“It was a difficult episode. He bled a lot and it caused disfigurement.”Entourage sources confirmed. “They tested him and gave him serum. He is going to proceed with certain activities carefully,” Completion

The first thing that emerged about Fernandez’s health was that he suffered orn episode of hypotension Just before attending the G-20 summit. As a result, he canceled his speech scheduled for the inaugural session at the last minute. This news was released through a statement signed by the Presidential Medical Unit. Minutes later, sources close to the president said he was “great.” Four hours later, the final diagnosis was confirmed.

Fernandez entered the Indonesian morning at The Apoorva Kempinski with his vice president. John Manuel Olmosand Minister of Economy, Serge Massa. His speech was expected at 11 a.m. local time, but after a breakdown, the speech was delivered by the president. Santiago cafiero. Argentina chairs in the event’s main hall, the Immosing Candy Ballroom, were occupied by Cafiro, Massa and Argentina’s ambassador to the United States. George ArguelloA Sherpa at the summit.

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Later, Fernandez also did not attend the leaders’ lunch held under the Hemisphere Construction., out of the scorching midday sun of Bali, amidst lush vegetation. Cafiro again in his place. Ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, FIFA president Gianni Infantino was one of the most vocal and sober people in the meeting.

Cafiro replaced him at the health table of an early morning meeting in Argentina this afternoon.

“On this date, the President of Argentina, Dr. Alberto Angel Fernandez Experienced an episode of hypotension and dizziness. For this reason, it was decided to carry out rigorous diagnostic studies Protect their health and avoid complications”, the first medical report pointed out.

As far as he could tell nation, Fernandez was transferred to undergo a series of tests and was accompanied by the President’s General Secretary. Julius Vittobello; His physician and the entire presidency team.

Alberto Fernandez with Indonesian President Joko Widodo shortly before suffering from hypotensionEsteban Collazo

Fernandez arrived in the city on Monday after a more than 16-hour flight from Paris, France, where he began his international tour. The President himself said this in recent days He has been on a strict diet for a long time. He designed himself, which led him to lose 10 kg in a short period of time.

The temperature is high, the weather is humid and the atmospheric pressure is low in Bali, where the meeting of the G-20 member states is held.

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