March 26, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez goes to Brazil this Monday to celebrate Lula’s victory

From the President, measured Alberto Fernandez Down the line, national officials repeated before any microphone that approached them that their greatest desire was “clean and peaceful elections.” But the government — and the Frente de Todos as a whole — was clear. He almost openly bet his chips on the victory of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. In DiscountsLooking forward to it A “New Era” In the relationship with Brazil and leaving the cold and personal and political austerity, will mean the government’s relationship with the president Jair Bolsonaro.

“Lula’s victory is deserved and good for the region,” the president said in an interview at 7:50 p.m. Radio 10, When the trend in favor of the PT leader was irreversible. “The bond between Brazil and Argentina will be deep, realistic and honest,” he said, adding that he hoped “Argentina, Brazil and Mexico can create an axis that will be very good for the whole continent.” President. , who called Lula over the next few days and told Lula she “wanted to go for a hug.”

Shortly before midnight, the government confirmed it to LA NACION The president will travel to San Pablo this Monday to fulfill his wish and meet with the president-elect at noon. Argentina’s ambassador to the neighboring country, Daniel Cioli, is finalizing the details of the meeting.

Closely related, talks between the two began last week when Alberto Lula was invited to his birthday party, but Argentina’s head of state awaited the results of Brazil’s election. Apparently, the PT leader is planning a trip to Buenos Aires.

Fernández did not forget to recall the “grievances he received from the Brazilian government” by the Bolsonaro administration, according to him, “I kept calm because I understood that the merger must be inevitable.” “I remained calm, convinced that it was my duty to remain calm and save the bond,” he said. “I don’t have to experience that hostility, Now the connection will be deeper and more realistic”, he added regarding his expected connection with Lula da Silva.

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Fernández, in 2019, recalled meeting Lula in prison. “There are behaviors where there is no room for speculation. There are times when you shouldn’t speculate and you have to be on Lula’s side,” he argued.

Minutes after the president appeared on radio, Vice President Cristina Kirchner also made public her satisfaction with Lula’s return to power. “Today more than ever, love and joy abound. Thanks to the people of Brazil. Thank you, Comrade Lula, for returning joy and hope to our South America,” the Vice President wrote.

In the previous hours, anxiety about PTI’s success had translated An advance party of all the leading officers and leaders arrived in Brazil Over the past few hours, the president has been closely following the results of the Olivos farm. No one ruled out the president’s visit in the next few hours If Lula’s victory is achieved.

Peter Edward He arrived yesterday at the invitation of the Electoral Court of São Paulo, led by a delegation from the Ministry of the Interior. “I have the honor of leading the processions of the church @MinInteriorAR Within the framework of the activities planned by the Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo. I bring the greetings of Argentina and the hope that tomorrow will be another great day of democracy for our brother people of Brazil,” Di Pedro wrote on the social networking site Twitter.

One of his former subordinates in the interior, later became economy minister and today heads Banco Nacional. Silvina PatakisHe was invited to participate in a meeting with the researchers organized by the Argentine ambassador in Brazil. Daniel Cioli. Patakis arrived late for the meeting attended by Ambassador de Pedro and the President of Inadi. Victoria Tonda.

“It is obvious that Lula has a great commitment to Latin American integration, Mercosur and a great personal relationship with Cristina. And with me,” Cioli said in an interview Nation Released this Sunday. In recent times, Scioli has been the only bridge between Fernández and Jair Bolsonaro, who have been unable to resolve their differences inside and outside Mercosur. They could not even set up a bilateral meeting Conforms to his countries leadership in almost three years.

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“The brotherly people of tomorrow’s Brazil have two options: choose democracy or dictatorship, freedom or hatred. With great confidence we come together. @LulaOfficial”, said Donda on his social networks with a photo, smiling and gesturing with his hands, rallying the supporters of the former president.

More understated, former ambassador to Great Britain and Venezuela Alicia Castro He came to Brazil without hiding his affection for Lula. “A victory @LulaOfficial Bolsonaro can fix the injustice of his 2018 fraud imprisonment that installed him. Renew confidence in Latin America and beyond and guarantee the protection of the Amazon,” wrote the current president of Soberanx, a member of the former Minister of Economy. Dear Boudouand former vice-governor of Buenos Aires Gabriel Mariotto.

Former Minister for Women, ELIZABETH GOMEZ ALGORDAand vice versa Christina Brites They are also part of the Kirchnerist advanced guard, which anxiously awaits the final reckoning.

The first round in Brazil left a bitter taste for large pro-government delegates who tried to prematurely celebrate the victory of Lula da Silva, who won last October 2. From Daniel Cioli Victoria Dolosa PassA long list of pro-government officials and legislators broke the tie and showed up to the PT candidate in São Paulo.

Ambassador Cioli and the Argentine Ambassador to Sao Paulo and former Ambassador to China Luis Maria Cregler participated. “Success Walk”, the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) completed the campaign in São Paulo with new Social Development Minister Tolosa Paz from Buenos Aires. However, Cioli refused Nation Participated in mobilization with other Argentinians.

On the Saturday before the election, Dolosa Paz posted a tweet with a photo with Cioli after Lula’s proselytizing walk in São Paulo, the last act before the election. “Brazil once again expects a president who puts workers’ rights at the center of the scene,” the minister wrote.

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Dolosa Pass was the main sword of all fronts on Brazilian soil. He traveled to São Paulo as an international observer invited by the Electoral Justice Organization, although he devoted a portion of his stay to Lula.

On the night of the election, the Minister of Social Development appeared with the former Brazilian President (2003-2010), in a photo published on his networks, expressing his desire to “create victory” and “be able to celebrate again” by October 30. .

Along with Dolosa Paz, the São Paulo court summoned six other Argentines for surveillance, two of them officials at the Argentine embassy in São Paulo. Also, the Chairman of the Advisory Cabinet of the Ministry of External Affairs, Louisiana Ditto; Director of Electoral Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Eduardo Ramon Lucero; Peronist militant Ivan SalcidoSearch a Santiago cafiero and was identified as an adviser to the Ministry of Economy; Y Stanislaus Graci SusinusConsultant to the directory of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000.

In all the cases, the sources of the Election Court confirmed NationTravel expenses are borne by the guests’ own companies.

Joining Lula’s campaign shutdown in São Paulo were the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Undersecretary for National Affairs and fighters from the Evita Movement, Marina Cardelliand the National Auxiliary of the All Front and Militant of the Barrios de Pai Natalia Souto.

The Vice-Chancellor for the Province of Buenos Aires also went to Brazil Federico Fagioli, Patria Grande from the Kirchnerist front; Companion of all fronts for missions Christina Brites; Deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires Lisandro Bormiolo and the provincial deputy from La Plata for all fronts Lucia Inez.

They all followed the results in Lula’s bunker at a downtown four-star hotel in São Paulo. They were waiting for inspection, and PT leaders, PAMI official Nicholas Canosa, Patria is a member of the Institute’s Foreign Policy Commission and a Kirchnerist militant Sophia Di Niccolòof the same commission in Patria.

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