May 31, 2023

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After many years, he went looking for his mother at the airport and acted in a funny scene without seeing her

Being away from your loved ones for an extended period of time is one of the hardest experiences in life. And, despite the fact that technology now exists to bridge the distance, there’s always a void where they can’t physically exist. therefore, When the expected reunion time comesIt was one of the most emotional moments.

This is the case with Venezuela Sunday Mendoza, she shared her story through her TikTok account. He explained that first I have not seen my mother for almost 4 years, so decided to book the long-awaited reunion at the airport. However, he did not imagine it I was about to get into a funny situationIt went viral.

The particular reunion went viral on TikTok

As mentioned by the media vanguardTo immortalize the scene, Domingo asked another person to record him and his mother seeing each other again after a long time. But an emotional reunion was expected A few seconds turned into confusion.

By the time Mendoza was able to make eye contact with his mother, another woman walked up to him with open arms in front of him. Although he prevented it in the first instance from reaching his cousin, the girl returned Ended up as part of a regroup.

Beyond the fact that they initially rejected it because they didn’t understand what was going on, then Mother and son hug her. Within seconds, the stranger realized a slight mistake: He was confused as a son.

The funny situation was recorded and shared on TikTok, where it has already accumulated 3 million viewsMore than 270 thousand likes and 5 thousand comments.

Reaching that social network, it didn’t take long to reach others like Twitter, where it went viral and received thousands of comments. Often, many people appreciated the man’s gesture, even if he was depressed at firstHe did not reject the loving embrace of the woman he mistook for his son.

The video has already received millions of views.
The video has already received millions of views.TikTok

“Please post the second part of the video with the other woman’s son’s reaction”; “So many beautiful things happened in less than a minute”; “That girl looks like she hasn’t seen her son in years” and “I laughed and felt tender at the same time”, Just some great ideas Who mentions this funny and surreal moment.

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