March 22, 2023

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Aerolinas Argentinas flight hijacked in Miami: Passenger reported missing $ 4,000

Passengers on flight 1302 Argentine Airlines Who traveled to the city of Miami They denounced the plane as having been the victim of several thefts before landing in an American city. They confirmed it TN Air resources.

It all started when one of the passengers complained to the airline officials $ 4,000 missing from his wallet. Other complaints were triggered when it was realized that the same thing had happened to others.

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for now, There are two suspects By the movements they made during the flight.

The plane and passengers were stranded as soon as it landed in Miami because the situation was under US police control.

Passengers demanded insurance from the airline for the theft of their belongings, which caused hours of tension over what had happened.

Plane theft: Who is responsible for cabin luggage

Prior to the theft, the passengers asked the company for compensation for the belongings. However, the airline says Passengers are responsible for cabin luggage.

According to the airlines, they take care of the shipped luggage, that is, the luggage that goes into the grip of the aircraft.

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