May 30, 2023

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A teenager died after falling from a roof during World Cup celebrations on Sunday

Downtown Buenos Aires, the heart of the festivities (Franco Fafazuli)

Celebrations in the center of Buenos Aires for last Sunday’s epic win over France in Qatar included high-risk scenes: young people climbing lampposts or bus stops, even trying to climb an obelisk. This Tuesday morning, a 24-year-old from Buenos Aires, A.M. He lost his life at Fernandes Hospital due to a sharp fall which resulted in severe head injury And suffer for more than one day.

According to official information accessed by him infobae, AM was discovered early Monday morning in the Recova area, on Avenida del Libertador and Pellegrini, by a patrol of the 1A Police Station of the City Police. A subsequent report indicated that he “passed out” on the third floor of the parking lot. “He jumped on the roof and celebrated the victory of the national team, until a plate broke and fell to the ground.” The report continued.

After being helped by an ambulance, he was taken to Fernandez Hospital around 5am, where he was diagnosed. Image of brain death.

More than a million people took to the streets of Buenos Aires According to official sources, mainly concentrated in Obelisk and located along the entire length of 9 de Julio Avenue and Corrientes between Alem and Callo. was The city police arrested 17 peopleNot producing major incidents mainly due to robberies and isolated fights.

The most serious malicious act took place on Line C at Retiro station. There, in the afternoon, a 33-year-old man was stabbed in the chest after fighting inside a structure parked on the platform. The victim was found in the turnstile sector by the personnel of Police Station 1A of the Buenos Aires Force, who immediately attended to him. A boy was arrested for this actAs reported Delum: They found one to do Among your possessions. The arrested teenager was sent to the Institute of Injustice by order of the Eastern Flagrance Unit in charge of the prosecutor Maria Valeria Masaglia.

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Earlier today, Tuesday morning, before the national team arrived with the trophy, Argentina fans wreaked havoc again. obelisk And they climbed back to the top of the monument before the ceremonies. Marcelo D’AlessandroThe Minister of Justice and Defense of Buenos Aires confirmed in radio reports that some people broke the entrance door again with a trick to get inside the obelisk.

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