May 30, 2023

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A study has revealed that all domestic cats may have “mental characteristics” An investigation was published in the journal Personality Research

A team of scientists from the University of Liverpool and John Moores University analyzed the behavior of cats based on the testimony of 2,042 families. “All cats may have a component of mental illness”.

In the study, published in the journal Journal of Personality Research, Researchers a A tool for assessing the morale of cats Call “CAT-Tri +”. According to scientists, this is the first time a psychiatrist has been diagnosed. This will help improve the relationship between the cat and its human family.

The tool contained a test containing 46 reports – whether people should agree or disagree about their pets – in 5 different aspects: “துணிச்சல் “, Which is associated with social dominance and a low level of fear; “Prohibition“, Which refers to problems of self-control;” Evil “, for example, is characterized by a lack of” empathy “; Hostility to other pets; Finally the Hate against human beings.

Some of the phrases in the questionnaire are “my cat is harassing instead of killing its prey directly”, “my cat is yelling loudly (for example, meows) for no apparent reason” or “my cat is very excited (for example, it behaves in an exaggerated and uncoordinated way)”, The researchers tried to assess the situation.

“Discoveries provide insights into the structure of trigeminal neuralgia in cats”, He concluded the study by referring to the triangular model that defines mental illness as a disorder with three main characteristics: courage, restraint and smallness.

Rebecca Evans, the study’s lead researcher, explained this That mental trait was useful to “our pet ancestors.” “Obtaining resources, etcetera Food, தி Territory And opportunities Mating“.

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Excellent bonding

Facing the futility of cats, Another study was published days ago – In this case by psychologists from the University of Sussex and the University of Portsmouth- Showed for the first time how Establish a better relationship with these animals. The tools, according to scientists, are provided through the use of vision, Pets “are sensitive to human signals, even causing different emotional states.”

Dr. Report by a panel led by Tasmin Humphrey and Professor Karen McComb, “The eyes are important for expressing emotions, And this The act of blinding them It is associated with positive emotional interaction in different species.

A total of 21 cats from 14 different households were included in the research and 14 different owners participated. Of the total cats, 10 were males and 11 were females. During the experiments the pets were filmed with and without human contact stimuli to distinguish the two scenes. The first experiment Revealed That is, cats blink and blink frequently before their owners blink slowly.

In the second phase of the experiment, going further with more hypotheses, the researchers tried to gently blink themselves. As a result, cats are more likely to access them after such contact. Not so when they tested a reaction with a neutral expression.