May 31, 2023

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A stranger photographed him in the penny tower and the result of the defeat went viral | Chronicles

The Pizza Tower It is famous for its inclination, but it is so popular that every tourist is forced to strike when visiting the Italian monument: raising their hands with the camera centered, To simulate that they are “stopping” the fall of the tower. In the case of this user TwitterAlthough the photo was not what I expected, it was a hundred times more fun than the original picture.

Netizen decided to share with his account,Salt Soft, The recollection he took on vacation in a European country many years ago. The age of the photo is clear from its quality: as the viral post suggests, The picture was taken with a pre-digital age camera, To create photos while still using the image.

The young woman did not realize the friendly tourist asking for help to photograph herself, as the cameras that used to be there now do not allow her to see the photographs taken. Made a big (and hilarious) mistake: Failing to focus the camera, the woman’s hands touched the edge of the tower. By the time the stranger left, she was left A failed photo and an unforgettable event.

Years later, the user decided to share the unusual story on social media and published the photo as a source: “If they have a bad day, Remember I once told a stranger to photograph me in Pisa. And I picked up this shit“The American wrote. Suffice it to say Twitter It didn’t take long for the photo to go viral.

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With 165.9 thousand ‘likes’, More than 8 thousand retweets and almost 2 thousand comments, Photo created wave of thanks and more than one memory. Users of the bird’s social network saw their opportunity and did not waste it: within hours, the woman received dozens of photoshop versions of her photo, which somehow made her hands touch the famous tower.

The viral moment is already a few months old and the memes shared in their comments prove its relevance. With the first scene New Spiderman movie, Many Twitter users left their two cents in motion and returned to the historic viral moment Using Dr. Strange magic To help tourists Or humorously alleviating the depression caused by feeding the spoiler.