May 31, 2023

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A soldier has been killed in a deer attack on a presidential palace in Paraguay

One of the bodyguards assigned to guard the Presidential Palace in Paraguay Died this Monday after an exotic deer attack Military sources confirmed on Tuesday that he lives as the pet of President Mario Apto Benitez.

The attack revived the debate because of an old presidential tradition in the country: Presidents keep exotic animals as pets Mburuvicha Rத்தைப்ga receives an official residence in the name of Guaraní.

As explained by Colonel Victor Urtabiletta from the Directorate of Social Relations of the Paraguayan Armed Forces, Infantry Sergeant Victor Isasi was attacked by a beast Early morning from Sunday to Monday.

He was seriously injured in the attack, after fighting for his life for several hours. Died of a heart attack on Monday afternoon At the military hospital.

Controlling animal habitat was part of the ICC’s activities, but did not maintain them. At one point in the night he entered the area where the animal was found with some deer, according to the account of Oortapillata. In an interview with the local radio station 730 AM, he said, “That’s where the deer reaction takes place.”

“He did not have to go there, he was able to control himself from there, he was approaching the place for unknown reasons, I noticed he raised his hand and the officer explained about the moment of death impact.

An old tradition from Paraguay

In the aftermath of the attack, local newspapers and social media began to question the official tradition of collecting exotic pets. The animal that played in the attack was a model deer from India.

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In this regard, Urdapilleta commented that the administration of Mario Apto Benitez was not the first to have exotic animals in Mburuvicha Róga. “There were even birds and cats in previous governments,” he apologized to himself.

For his part, Frederick Boyer, director of wildlife (MATS) at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, told various local media outlets that there was “no restriction” on this model.

“Because they are exotic species, under our current environmental law, it does not require a domestic ownership permit, but other individuals in Mburuvica Roga: one ñandú, two macaws and one mborevi. We have no authority to grant permission to keep this species from the Mats.” The officer in charge of the Department of the Environment justified.

When asked about the president’s intent on keeping exotic animals as pets, Power pointed it out. “This is one of the Paraguayan cultures.”

“Mburuvicha Róga already has a number of presidential administrations that keep wildlife. Previously, they had rias in the government of Fernando Lugo, they had macaques and other animals during the Horacio Cortes period, and they had deer during this period of Mario Apto Benitez, macaws and mborevi”, he commented. Said

“This is something that is very ingrained in the national culture and according to the latest trends, this is something we need to learn and not let more wildlife be captured,” he said.