June 6, 2023

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A popular pop singer has been arrested in Turkey for making a joke about Islamic schools

Istanbul – singer Gulsan is one of the most popular figures in Turkish pop music. He was arrested in Istanbul after making fun of the country’s Islamic schools and is currently in jail awaiting trial.

The 46-year-old artist, whose full name is Gulsen Byraktar Colakoglu, was arrested Thursday night at his home in Istanbul, his lawyer Emek Emre explained to the Turkish newspaper. Hurriyat. The case began in April when Coulson made a joke about one of his musicians.

“His perversion came from studying in the schools of Imam Hadeeth”Denoting chain of religious educational institutions Thanks to over a million young Turks and the President’s Justice and Development Party, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose influence and capacity have grown exponentially..

The arrest took place on Saturday Demonstrations It also created support for the singer in Istanbul The reaction of the US State Department.

A State Department spokesman said his administration is concerned about the widespread efforts being made in Turkey Censorship and judicial harassment followed Coulson’s arrest, restricting expression.

In Istanbul, protesters criticized the inaction between the judicial system in the face of violence against women and the immediate investigation and arrest of the artist. Many also claimed that Coulson was actually imprisoned for his liberal views and support for LGBT+ rights.

Hundreds of women would be alive today if men who assaulted other women like Coulson were caught sooner. Istanbul protest organizers told demonstrators through loudspeakers.

Before her arrest, the singer posted an apology on her Twitter account, which has over a million followers. “A joke I have shared with my colleagues with whom I have worked over the years has been propagated by those who seek to polarize society”, lamentation. “I am an artist who loves his country, believes in equal opportunities, cannot hate anyone, I respect all the values ​​and sentiments of the country. I do not accept the charge”, he said later at the police station.

Coulson’s apology was not enough to avoid his arrestCoulson/Twitter – Europa Press

The process against the singer was opened by the Ministry of Education, which was condemnedor “certain words containing insults and slanders against a community”As Justice Minister Bekir Bostock said, “It is also disrespectful to use language of hatred, hostility and discrimination against one section of the public against another”.

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Erdogan’s party, which has Islamic roots, first came to power two decades ago. Hadib, the first imam in Turkey, studied at one of the schoolsIt was established by the state to train youths to become imams and preachers, but has since grown in numbers.

Reuters and DPA agencies