May 30, 2023

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A monk who lived in a forest isolated from the world for 40 years

  • Steven Brocklehurst
  • BBC News Escosia

Image source, Uruna Productions


Ken Smith says learning how to fish is an important skill for an independent life.

For nearly 40 years, Ken Smith lived without electricity or water in a wooden room made of handicrafts on the shores of a remote lake in the Scottish Highlands, avoiding regular life.

“It’s a sweet life. Everyone wants to do it, but no one does it,” Smith said.

Not everyone will agree that Ken’s solitary and secluded lifestyle is better than fishing and gathering food, collecting firewood and doing laundry in the old open-air bathroom. And even less in 74 years.

It is a two hour walk from the road near your registration room On the edge of Ranoch Moore by Loch Drek (Scotland)