February 7, 2023

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A man falls in love with a robot and wants to marry her

Where cinema has brought us stories The protagonists love toys or Robots, What Lars and a real woman, Where the young man a Romantic bond with a toy, தி Her, In which A man falls in love with software. However, already a Prussian writer Hoffman Told the story in 1817 Nathanwell, A boy Love on Automaton OlympiaIn his famous story Sandman.

Although we are not legally married, I think of Emma as my robot wifeSaid the Australian Jeff Gallagher About Emma, ​​a female robot. Many times like this man the reality is weirder than imaginary: “He wears a diamond on his ring finger and I consider it an engagement ring. I want to be the first person in Australia to marry a robot.“, he said கல்லாகர்.