May 31, 2023

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A French journalist was shocked by Russia’s bombing in Ukraine

Ten months after the start War between Ukraine and RussiaOrdered country Vladimir Putin It revived its offensive against Ukrainians in the last days of 2022 and the first days of 2023 with a series of bombings in all cities. One of them was recorded yesterday. A French reporter, who was broadcasting live on a French television program, was surprised to see a bomb go off a few meters behind him.

An extraordinary fact It happened on the night of January 2 Ukraine While the journalists of the program Dailyof the chain D.M.C They broadcast live the echoes of recent bombings by Russia against different cities of Ukraine.

Then the reporters Paul Gasnier, Heloise Gregoire Y Theo Palfrey They were only a few meters away when an explosion occurred in the area behind them Gramadorskin the east of that country.

The moment a bomb falls behind a French journalist in Ukraine. Source: TMC

In the clip, The journalist was looking at the microphone in his hand when the sound of a Russian bomb exploding pushed him forward and the camera fell to the ground.. Immediately the transmission was cut off and when it became known, the duo along with the sound engineer ran to the bomb shelter.

Later, war correspondents commented on a program about how it happened. “This surprised us”, the journalist confirmed and continued. “We were close to the blasts and the explosions are always heard, but nothing like this ever happened to us”.

A similar event occurred in February, days after the declaration of war in Ukraine CNN reporter broadcasts From the terrace of a building KievSurprised to hear the explosion after the announcement Russian President Vladimir Putin, who A television talk It confirmed that his army would advance in the neighboring country.

Matthew Chance, a reporter for the USA Network, commented on how the city looked and told the host of the show that the place he was in was safe when asked questions from the US. Then, in full air, they started An explosion is heard in the distance And while Chance said his life was not in danger, he wore a bulletproof vest and helmet as a precaution.

A CNN reporter in Ukraine was surprised to see the bombings live

A CNN reporter in Ukraine was surprised to see the bombings live

At 12 noon Russian, Putin He announced and promised a “military operation” in Ukraine Retaliate against interlopers. He argued that rebel leaders in the east of the country had asked Moscow for military help. to confront kyiv troops.

Shortly after the announcement, explosions were heard in two major cities of Ukraine. In Kew, the capital of the country, from where CNN Broadcasting, and power outages in Cargo.


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