May 31, 2023

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A five-day curfew has been imposed in 15 provinces of the country

Soldiers stand guard on an avenue in Lima, Peru, Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022. Peru’s new government declared a state of emergency on Wednesday amid protests following the ouster of former president Pedro Castillo. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

Government of In Boluarte announced Curfew in 15 provinces of the country for five days. The drastic action taken after the Council of State was due to the intensification of protests in various parts of Peru.

The sectors where this activity is applied are: Arequipa, La Libertad, Ica, Apurímac, Cusco, Puno, Huancavelica and Ayacucho, in each specific city they have the following hours:

Hours and provinces where curfew is in effect
Hours and provinces where curfew is in effect

According to the regulation published in the official newspaper ‘El Peruano’, The government announces mandatory social immobilization for five (5) calendar days All the people in their houses, inside the structure Emergency Supreme Order No. 143-2022-PCM promulgated at the national level, in the jurisdictions and hours established in the attached annex, which is an integral part of this Supreme Decree.

when Forced social immobilityPeople may travel through public roads to acquire, produce and distribute food.

Also, in Curfew Strictly essential personnel involved in health services, medicines, continuity of water services, sanitation, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, transport, monitoring and security, distribution, restaurants and hotels, assistance, services except finance, electricity. , gas, fuel, telecommunication and related activities, cleaning and collection of solid waste, funeral and related activities.

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when Social Immobility Pharmacies and pharmacies are allowed to provide care according to the terms of the matter.

He adds”Written, radio or television journalism staff may travel during a period of mandatory social immobility As long as they carry their personal work permit, their respective press credentials and their national identity document for identification purposes. This authorization also extends to mobile units that transport them to carry out their function”.

Movement with a private vehicle or pedestrian is permitted for persons in need of emergency or urgent medical care because their life or health is in serious danger; Also, to buy medicines.

Dina Boluarte announced the government condition of rush The Justice Department today ordered an 18-month trial to calm the violent protests that have rocked the country since Pedro Castillo’s failed self-coup.

“Agreed to report condition of rush Due to acts of vandalism and violence, highways and roads have been seized, for the whole country”, announced Defense Minister Alberto Otarola, although he promised that the police and armed forces would control the situation.

The ombudsman’s office said 15 people have died and hundreds have been injured in protests and takeovers of airports and highways after a week of social unrest.

Government agrees to declare state of emergency for 30 days (Channel N)

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