March 26, 2023

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A fire broke out at Tehran’s largest prison where the Iranian regime holds political prisoners

A group of inmates started a fire at Evin Prison, injuring at least eight people (Twitter: @adn40 and @1500tasvir_en)

This Saturday night, the official Iranian media confirmed fire In the main jail Tehran, in Iran. The incident happened when a group of prisoners set fire to a clothes shop. Soon, a chaotic atmosphere developed, leading to clashes between the jail inmates and the security forces. Evin is the largest prison in Tehran where political prisoners are held.

“Now The situation is completely under control and peace is being maintained in the prison,” a security source quoted by the official IRNA news agency announced. For its part, the company LibraThe Justice Department approved the version, adding that “the fire was contained and extinguished.”

According to the Reformer Daily SharkExplosions also broke out inside the prison and roads in the area were cordoned off by police. However, despite the road closures, people began to approach the area on foot, according to the NGO Iran Human Rights.

Around Evin (Twitter: @IHRights)

Pictures of the incident went viral on social media. In them you can see flames and hear gunfire and explosions, with prisoners chanting “death to the dictator,” referring to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

According to a firefighter who helped put out the fire, there are at least Eight injured.

Evin Prison Fire (Twitter: @borzou)

Evin Prison is located west of Tehran and covers an area of ​​40 hectares. Some of its constituencies are controlled by the Judiciary, while others depend on the Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Guards’ investigative force.

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Various human rights organizations have condemned torture against prisoners, including political prisoners and prisoners with dual citizenship.

This incident took place in mid A month ago, the wave of protests in the streets across the country, It called for justice for a young Kurdish woman Mahza Amini who died at the hands of the moral police, who arrested her for improperly wearing the veil—and calls for the end of misogyny and archaic laws with the downfall of Ali Khamenei.

Since then, step Human rights activists Already registered More than 200 deaths – including 18 children – and 5,500 prisoners As a result of violent clashes with police forces using guns, tear gas and Taser guns. In another attempt by the regime to quell the protesters, a group of lawyers A Speedy justice process for that”Disturbers”, for which 60 prisoners have already been processed.

Protests in Iran (REUTERS)

Days ago, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had accused Iran’s “enemies” fuel “these street talks.”Added to previous announcements by the President Ibrahim RaisiHe was aiming against it America Directed by A “The indecisive policy failed” against his nation.. For his part, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blink, It condemned the crackdown on Friday’s protests, lamented that Tehran could instrumentalize the gesture and called for the release of detained protesters.

Tehran will try to portray this and other expressions of solidarity with those defending its freedom as evidence that the protests are somehow fabricated outside of Iran. “If they really believe that, it’s because they fundamentally don’t understand their own people,” he said.

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(With information from EFE and AFP)

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