May 30, 2023

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A cross between Marcos Galperin and a journalist from a Barcelona newspaper: “Is it your thing to fight on Twitter from an iPhone?”

Mark Galperin

founder of the free market, Mark GalperinAgain played a strong cross with a user on social networks, this time he responded to the journalist of the magazine Barcelona what He questioned him about his stand on labor lawsA subject on which the businessman has voiced his opinion on many occasions.

It all started on Wednesday night, when the creator of the online selling and buying company shared an article The Wall Street Journal Regarding the current dynamics in the US, Despite layoffs and inflation, hiring has also been a record.

“When labor laws are modern, those who are laid off quickly find new jobs, often with better conditions than before”Galperin commented on this in his account.

One of the many responses he received Fernando SanchezThe editor of the aforementioned political humor magazine asked him: “Wow. Tell us…how many times have you lost your job, your livelihood, your family in danger?”

“I started one 23 years ago, and today it supports 35,000 families every month, and 1 million families live on this… Besides your housekeeper, how many people do you pay in Palermo Polke/surroundings? Or a fight on Twitter from an iPhone?A stern reply from the businessman who had no answer.

A cross between the founder of Mercado Libre and a journalist for a Barcelona magazine
A cross between the founder of Mercado Libre and a journalist for a Barcelona magazine

Earlier this month, Mercado Libre’s profit rose 79.8% year-over-year in the second quarter to $123 million.The company said in a statement Infobay.

As a result, shares of the e-commerce company rose by up to 14% After market Of Wall Street, Galperin celebrated on social networks the same day.

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Mercado Libre’s (MELI) net income leads in 18 countries, including Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. They rose 52.5% to about $2.6 billion during the period, although in constant currency they grew 56.5 percent.

Meanwhile, the Group’s Finance Division, Mercado Paco saw its profit jump 112.5% ​​to $1.2 billion as it expanded business lines such as insurance and investment instruments.

On the other hand, Galperin has always been in favor of change in contract laws in Argentina, for example, “And In the medium term we haven’t reformed our labor structure, not just the unions, and it’s very difficult to move forward.

“The Argentinian labor structure is very outdated. It was created for a country 100 years ago. The industrial age preserves the jobs that are going to be replaced by robots and machines, and it preserves them to the extent that it does not allow new jobs to be created. To make this worse, neighboring countries and trading partners have completely modern labor structures. “If an investor decides where to put his factory in Brazil, Argentina or Chile and compares the structure, the chances of winning that competition are slim,” the businessman said. An interview Chain giver CNN In 2018.

On that occasion, he assumed that “all current jobs will not disappear in the future,” but instead, “more will be created” and “only the jobs we want to disappear will disappear because they are repetitive and boring.”

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