June 6, 2023

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A Chavista businessman denied the Holocaust and said he wanted to ask Adolf Hitler “why he didn’t finish what he set out to do.”

Esteban Trapiello said he wanted to have lunch with Adolf Hitler

A Venezuelan businessman identified with Chavismo denied the massacre and said he wanted to have lunch with a genocidal Nazi. Adolf Hitler to hear Why didn’t you finish your work?In an interview filled with other controversial statements.

Stephen TropielloFounder and Director of the channel Your TVAsked who he would rather have lunch with, among characters like Adolf Hitler or Fidel Castro, he replied: “Both. Ask Hitler why he didn’t finish what he set out to do.”

He began to explain why he wanted to meet Fidel CastroInterviewer Vladimir Villegas interrupted what he said about the leader of the Third Reich.

Trapiello pondered: “He didn’t finish what he was going to do.” Villegas told him: “Finish with the Jews, finish with the Communists…”. To which Trapiello, hiding behind ignorance, replied: “I didn’t know what he was going to do. He killed himself. I wasn’t there at the time.”

“Did the Holocaust never happen? Are you in denial?Villegas questioned him, making it clear that he was the son of a Jewish refugee and a communist.

“Everybody tells their story, and I’m not in that story. I don’t study, I watch movies. Since the films come from Hollywood, they tell a story in a way. The story depends on who tells it,” argued the businessman, the son of Asturians who fled the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Trapiello, who identified himself “Chavez Chavista”He also spoke harshly about Venezuelan immigrants, with particular criticism of those who try to cross the Darien region through Colombia and Venezuela to reach the United States, avoiding claims of left or right.

“The people who went through Darien did it because they were stupid,” Esteban Trabiello said.

“They do it for fools, for fools, for fools!”, He blamed the opposition and the media for manipulating the Venezuelan people.

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“How did the people leave? Was the departure manipulated or not? They believed they could overwhelm the country,” he added. “Going into the Darien jungle is foolish. He who goes for a fool must die for a fool. Tell them who will go to Darien knowing the danger they are running. Sheer fool.”

Lakhs of migrants from many nationalities have passed through the forest. So far this year, according to the portal A pioneeris over 68 thousand people passed through this areaAnd 18 deaths have been recorded.

Trabiello says he drove “Successful careers of 72 artists including musicians and actors”, also disparaged the media and referred to the Venezuelan press as “shit”, as well as the National College of Journalists. As he shot, “They have become not only opinion makers but also political leaders, but they have all failed.” He said about photojournalists “I’ll drop a bomb on everyone.”

In that interview, he described the Chavista minister as a “life friend” and a “political phenomenon”. Tarek El Issamy.

David Smolansky, leader of the Popular Will Party, criticized the businessman after the flurry of his statements: “Chavista ideology in 2 minutes (…) What a Nazi you are, Trapiello. Trash”.

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