June 6, 2023

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A boy has been digging a well and building a cave in his backyard for 6 years

Andrew Song He is a 20 – year – old man from Alicante. Spain. His life changed completely in 2015 after a fight with his parents. The story came to light after he posted on Twitter: “The story of how a 14-year-old boy started A Cave”. It provides details such as how the story began and the construction process.

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After an argument with his parents in March 2015, Andres began digging a well with Picox in his backyard. House, Where the family planned to set up a pond. “I was always careless. When I went to town they told me to change, but I did not want to change. I got angry and started shoveling,” the teenager told the Spanish media COPE.

The first shovels of the cave. Photo: twitter @ andresiko_16

Chapter Three years later, The Young Builder He met Andrew, who cooperated with his adventure and helped him dig with an automatic hammer, which speeded up the work. So for three years he dug in the backyard of his house “as a treat”.

Status of Construction It had its complicated moments, so the two developed a framework to work more securely. In addition, they invented the home-made pulley system, which required a skateboard to pull tirelessly and lift excess earth. “It’s hard work, you dig a bit into the wall and three buckets of dirt come out. We don’t need a gym, body change is horrible. Besides, it’s a sauna because the air is hot, without air, ”he said in his story.

The beginning of Andres Cave
The beginning of Andres Cave
Entrance, beginning of the cave.  Photo: twitter @ andresiko_16
Entrance, beginning of the cave. Photo: twitter @ andresiko_16

In its early days, the “hole of Andres” that his friends and family call it did not take much form. You can go down ten steps and walk a few steps, but already in 2019 he built A room And the underground house began to take on color.

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At present, the cave is a First room It is three meters deep and 90 centimeters above the ground. The second room, approximately 3.30 meters and above 1.20, and his room, reach 3.60 meters and 1.7. Earth.

The setbacks they reached

After learning of the existence of the construction, the City Hall Attracting attention, he forced Andres to issue a license Is playing, Which allowed him to continue digging. They assure that many experts have approached the cave and given permission for the work. The young builder confirmed that his home already has certification.

Homemade pulley system Photo: Twitter @ andresiko_16
Homemade pulley system Photo: Twitter @ andresiko_16

“Everything is well done and well thought out. For example, due to lack of coverage, I contracted an Unlimited Data System for my mobile, leaving it on the surface and using it to provide me with WiFi. I could be down with the computer,” Andres said. Within it Release He gave a very personal detail of his furniture: “Theme Furniture It’s so much fun, you do not have to buy, you do it yourself on the land, you can do anything with the land.

Apparently and step by step Builder, His wish is to continue to complete his small big project cave. He also said that he will continue to study as an actor.

Andrés Cantó Photo: twitter @ andresiko_16
Andrés Cantó Photo: twitter @ andresiko_16

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