March 26, 2023

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3 Argentinian bars have been selected among the 50 best bars in the world

“50 Best Bars” This Tuesday, October 4 held a new event where the updated list Top 50 empties of the worldwere selected in this Three Argentinian bars. As per the appreciation of experts from different parts of the world. The exhibition took place after voting by a demanding jury of over 600 experts at the Cúpula de las Arenas in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

In the 2022 ranking, Spain was the country with the most bars provided (Actually, the first place was occupied Paradiso, from Barcelona). However, Argentina is not far behind Surprisingly, 3 pubs were named in the top 50 ranking.

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“We welcomed the vote this year shake Influencers, beverage journalists, bar owners, canteen managers and ambassadors from around the world. Never before has a group of such quality, numbers and size been brought together. As a result, A poll Truly Reliable”, announced the organizers of the mega event.

Award-winning Argentinian bars

Atlantic Florida

Instagram / Atlantic Flower Shop

In 18th in the rankings The band appeared Atlantic FloridaFrom near Retiro.

This is how they conducted the election on the website 50 Best Bars in the World:

“At the heart of this renowned bar has long been a sustainable approach, working closely with farmers to cultivate indigenous products; a philosophy recognized by the bar hosting the third edition of the Festival Atlantico in August 2022, bringing together 150 bartenders to share their share of sustainability knowledge”.

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Atlantic Floria Bar 20221005
Instagram / Atlantic Flower Shop

Atlantic Florida Given as The best bar in the country And one of the most exclusive in Latin America.

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The chief bartender of the place, Renato Giovannini Celebrating the distinction achieved: “The World’s 50 Best Bars Awards are high on the global cocktail agenda. Again three bars are the best in Argentina. This is truly remarkable. Floreria has been on the list for nine years, and that’s a lot. I’m excited”.

Three monkeys

Patti, on the other hand Three monkeysLocated near Plaza Serrano Level 27 In the world rankings.

Two of the founders, Sebastian Atienza Y Carlos AquinasAttended the event in Barcelona and received recognition from the world’s best experts.

Bar 3 Monkeys 20221005
Instagram / 3monosbar
Bar 3 Monkeys 20221005
Instagram / 3monosbar

“Tres Monos set the tone at the back bar with pink neon lights, graffiti tags and a cheeky middle finger flashing…” declared the portal. 50 Best Bars in the World

Reopening the historic bar Las Laureles de Barragas

See Cochinchina

See CochinchinaAlso obtained from the neighborhood of Palermo Level 42 In an exclusive list of the 50 best bars in the world.

Cochinchina Bar 20221005
Instagram /

“Order the refreshing Jasmine Shanghai, made with Japanese whiskey, umeboshi sake and jasmine tea, along with pan-mi prawns at the U-shaped bar created from eggshells,” Jury suggested on the cited page.

Ranking Complete:

1) Paradiso (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

2) Dare Elementary (Londres, England)

3) Chips (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

4) Limandur Liquor Store (Mexico City, Mexico)

5) The Little Red Door (Paris, France)

6) Double Chicken Please (New York, USA)

7) Two Schmucks (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

Photo: Unsplash

8) Connaught (Londres, England)

9) Katana Kitten (New York, USA)

10) Alchemy (Cartagena, Colombia)

11) Handshake Speakeasy (Mexico City, Mexico)

12) Jigar and Bonnie (Singapore)

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13) Hanky ​​Panky (Mexico City, Mexico)

14) BKK Social Club (Bangkok, Thailand)

15) Salmon Guru (Madrid, Spain)

Pisco drink options
Photos: Casa Karas

16) Kong Drink (Rome, Italy)

17) Goa (Hong Kong, China)

18) Atlantic Florist (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

19) The Clamseas (Athens, Greece)

20) Baba Ah Rum (Athens, Greece)

21) Cafe La Trova (Miami, USA)

22) Attaboy (New York, USA)

23) Satan’s Whiskers (Londres, England)

24) Tropic City (Bangkok, Thailand)

Summer drinks
Photo: Gancia

25) Kumiko (Chicago, USA)

26) Sidecar (New Delhi, India)

27) Three Monkeys (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

28) Argo (Hong Kong, China)

29) Maybe Sammy (Sydney, Australia)

30) Swift (London, England)

31) Godu (Athens, Greece)

32) Paltra (Mexico City)

33) Manhattan (Singapore)

34) Overstory (New York, USA)

Photo: Unsplash

35) 1930 (Milan, Italy)

36) Dante (New York)

37) Bar with Patterns for Name (Londres)

38) Juma (Dubai)

39) Local Florence (Florencia, Italy)

40) Red Frog (Lisboa, Portugal)

41) Cantina OK (Sydney, Australia)

42) Cochin China (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Original Toast: An easy and refreshing champagne cocktail
Chart – Instagram

43) Himcock (Oslo, Norway)

44) Carnival (Lima, Peru)

45) Galaxy (Dubai)

46) L’Antiquario (Nápoles, Italy)

47) Staff Only (New York, USA)

48) Benfiditch (Tokyo, Japan)

49) Lucy’s Flower Shop (Stockholm, Sweden)

50) Bulgari (Dubai)


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