May 31, 2023

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10 years of complaints about neighbor’s selfish behavior and thousands of dollars in fines

Incredible as it may seem, the two neighbors in the United Kingdom have been at loggerheads for more than a decade One of them had a row of pots in front of his house The other is standing in the way. Taxi driver Yvonne Rogers, now retired, a A fine of more than $35,000 After Johnny Wright reprimanded her.

The two women have been neighbors for at least 15 years and first bumped into each other in 2012 after Yvonne He made a big garden in front of his house Allenby Grove, Portchester, Hampshire. However, when it started on her property, the problem spread to her property and severely affected her neighbor, Wright.

Janice angrily complained to Yvonne that the plants had grown that way Denied their right to transport In the driveway of his house. Such was the dimension of the problem that it began with the claim that, over the years, the woman had not stopped demanding that the other mend the situation. As this happened, the plants grew more and more.

The plants grew so that Yvonne Rogers’ neighbor could walk through the areathe sun

Although filing a complaint in court is a last resort, since the parties must first mediate to reach an agreement, Wright did not tolerate the situation and decided to file a lawsuit against the 72-year-old former taxi driver. As mentioned the sun.

The judge ruled in favor of the victim and was fined 30,000 pounds sterling, the equivalent of $35,600. Also, Rogers He received a suspended sentence After ignoring a judge’s order to remove plants to clear the path.

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As if that wasn’t enough, Yvonne made the situation worse Wheelie bins and garden ornaments were placed In the driveway, the space was filled with more obstacles.

Fed up with claims that neighbors were not listening and the attitude he adopted, he denounced the situation for the first time in 2021. Filed in Winchester County. On that occasion, Rogers was ordered to clear the track, but he did not.

Yvonne Rogers is a 72-year-old retired taxi driver who has been feuding with her neighbors for at least a decade.
Yvonne Rogers is a 72-year-old retired taxi driver who has been feuding with her neighbors for at least a decade.the sun

For the aggrieved neighbor, the denial of access was not simply a question, as she accused Yvonne of planting pots and making the situation worse as a way of trying to force her to leave her home and sell it. Affordable price.

However, Rogers did not take judicial decisions well, and according to the English media, he did not appear at any judicial summons, but he He devoted himself to sending emails to his neighbors where “he threatened, belittled and accused her”..

In September this year, the court sentenced Yvonne to six months in prison for ordering the court order, but her lawyer appealed the decision. Remove the debris in June and cut the bushes now. He said his client had health issues and “now she’ll focus on taking care of herself” and forget about the fight.

A judge is expected to rule on an appeal of the sentence and decide whether the decade-long feud will ultimately see Rogers jailed.