Free smoke detectors, coupons for shade trees, and energy-saving LED light bulbs are some of the highlighted give-aways of the nine City of Redding booths for the 12th Annual Whole Earth and Watershed Festival.  The Festival will be held April 21, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Redding City Hall and Sculpture Park.

This year’s festival will have over 170 booths, including booths on personal fitness, mental wellness, gardening, crafts, face-painting, animal adoption, alternative transportation, lifestyle choices, and food and beverage stations.  In addition to booths, City staff will host talks on sustainability and healthy living. The talks will take place in the Community Room, which will be transformed into the Keynote Theatre for the day.  Visitors can enjoy free popcorn and giveaways after listening in to a speaker.  Collectively, these exhibitors bring to life the festival’s theme: “Healthy living, healthy communities, healthy planet.” 

“The City of Redding is proud to be the presenting sponsor of this year’s festival. Healthy living leads to healthy communities and a healthy planet.  We only have one planet, and members of our community are mindful of the need to take better care of it by living more sustainably.” —City Manager Barry Tippin

“As we celebrate Earth Day, this festival shows us there are numerous ways to be mindful of the impact our activities have on the Earth’s health,” Tippin continued. “For some, that could start by recycling, composting and other means of reducing household waste. For others, that could mean investigating ways to use electricity more wisely.  We all have an important part to play.”

Whole Earth Walk About Passports will be available to all attendees at any festival booth. Participants earn visas (Passport stamps) by visiting booths at the festival. Once a visa is acquired from each of the seven areas, turn the passport in to be entered into a drawing for a prize valued at about $15.

Each of the following City agencies will host a booth at the festival:

  • Redding Police Department
  • Redding Fire Department
  • Redding Parks & Recreation Department
  • Redding Electric Utility
  • Redding Solid Waste Department
  • Redding Wastewater Department
  • Redding Storm Water Department
  • Redding Water Department
  • Development Services Department

“Spend Saturday, April 21, with your community. Bring your friends and neighbors and learn about all the things you can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.” — City Manager Barry Tipping

Redding Electric Utility will be distributing free high-efficiency LED light bulbs, which can last as long as 10 years and cost about 75% less than traditional incandescent bulbs. Greater use of LED lighting can cut customers’ electric bills.

The Redding Police Department will provide tips on personal safety and crime prevention. Police officers will hand out LED bulbs and promote safe lighting and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).

Redding Parks & Recreation Department will give away coupons for free shade trees, which will be available later this year. Shade trees beautify yards and reduce the heat gain in homes and offices, thus reducing the need for air conditioning and decreasing power-plant emissions.

The Redding Fire Department will be giving away a limited number of free smoke detectors at their booth. The department will also have a safety trailer that shows how fires can start and spread, and what people can do to escape if a fire breaks out in their building. Fire Chief Gerry Gray will speak on “A day in the life of a firefighter” at 12:30 p.m. at the Keynote Theatre.

Representatives of two other City departments, Wastewater and Solid Waste, will speak at the Keynote Theatre, exploring the urban watershed and curbside recycling.

The music stage will be powered sustainably by teams of bicyclists whose “pedal power” on stationary bicycles will generate the electricity to operate the amplifiers and lights. The riders are guaranteed to get a good workout, which will lower their blood pressure, reduce stress, and release endorphins into the bloodstream; all of which are keys to good health. The Rock the Bike @ Miracle Miles Stage is sure to be a big hit!