This letter is in regards to an incident that happened in Millville on Friday, Aug. 17. Here is the link to the article sent to us from the sheriff’s office. LINK
Dear Editor,
I want to thank you for your spot on article on the Millville shooting/robbery incident last night. My husband is Reggie Ceehorne and our good friends are Louis and Javier. Your report was so incredibly accurate—something you rarely see in journalism nowadays. Thank you for being so timely and accurate. It was nice to be able to share this correct information on several social medias. Several families in our community were worried not knowing what was going on. Information brings peace.
We would like to also thank our awesome Shasta County Sheriff responding officers—Sean Smedley, Conor D Henderson, Justin W. Brewer, Bryan Sancibrian, Cary Erickson, Alex Houston, Christopher J. Edwards, and K-9 officer Jax. They responded in less than ten minutes and in force. They were amazing.
We are a small tight-knit community in this part of Millville and we know we are a distance away from help.  Our sheriffs and Millville Fire Department were here so amazingly fast and we are very very grateful. 
Again thank you for your help in keeping us informed and safer.