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Nor Cal Junior Bass Club

Last year, Kevin Alexander and Ryan Tripp formed a group called Nor Cal Junior Bass Club for local junior and high school students and act as club advisors.  The organization gives students an opportunity to engage in competitive bass fishing events between neighboring schools through the national level.  The club other advisors are Jim Elliott and Justin Gordon.

Nor Cal Junior Bass Club, which is a Student Angler Federation (SAF) bass club sanctioned by The Bass Federation (FLW) have students from Foothill, Enterprise, and Weed High Schools.  And at the junior high level, students attend Millville, Weed, Junction, Chrysalis, and City of Shasta Lake Middle Schools. The groups usually meet once a month at FHS or Goodtimes Pizza.

The purpose of the club is to provide northern California junior high and high school students an opportunity to experience competitive fishing in club tournaments and events between neighboring schools and neighboring clubs.  They also strive to provide education through fishing and aim at getting students off the couch and back into the great outdoors by promoting outside activities.  Since last October, the anglers have conducted four club tournaments at Lake Shasta, and competed against other schools in an Open Tournament at Folsom Lake, Berryessa, and the Delta.  

Each year the FLW hosts State Qualifiers across the nation, and the top 10% of the teams from each Qualifier are eligible to fish at the High School Fishing World Finals.  

On May 13th, the California State Qualifier was held at Clear Lake in Lake County, where 72 teams from across California competed in the contest.  With the help of their Club sponsors, and boaters that volunteer their time and vessels, the NorCal Junior Bass Club sent 18 anglers from nine teams to the Qualifier.  Advisor Kevin Alexander said, “Each team performed very well and adapted to shifting fishing conditions.”


Grant Toler (left) and Garrett Frick pose with their catch.

The club is proud to announce that Foothill High School juniors (and Millville School graduates) Garrett Frick and Grant Toler earned a top-five finish at the State Qualifiers.  On June 26-30, the duo will be heading to Lake Pickwick in Florence, Alabama for the High School Fishing World Finals.


“Garrett and Grant are both excited to have this opportunity to travel to Alabama and compete in the World Finals,” said Alexander.   

We wish you all the luck!