On Thursday, July 13, 2017, at 11:10 p.m., Sergeant Stonehouse with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office City of Shasta Lake Patrol Division, conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle on Pine Grove Avenue at the intersection of Cascade Blvd. As Sergeant Stonehouse exited his patrol unit and began to approach the vehicle, he heard what he believed to be the sound of a single gunshot discharge from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Sergeant Stonehouse immediately retreated to a position of concealment and summoned additional law enforcement units to his location. Patrol personnel with the Redding Police Department, the California Highway Patrol and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office converged on the area and set up a safety perimeter around the location of the vehicle stop. Subsequent contact was made with two occupants of the vehicle identified as driver, Theodore Boring, and passenger, Mauro Lopez. Both Boring and Lopez were detained without incident. During the ensuing investigation, no firearms were located in or around the vehicle and the source of the perceived gunshot was determined to have been a backfire from Boring’s vehicle. Boring was cited for operating his vehicle on the roadway with expired registration and released at the scene.