The Shasta County Connection—1-10-19

Our first Shasta County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting of the year was a busy one.  The chambers were packed to witness the swearing-in of our newly elected and re-elected officials in Shasta County.  We would like to welcome Joe Chementi, our newly elected District 1 Supervisor.  Joe brings his experience with law enforcement and the building sector to the board.  I look forward to working with Joe and, as a team, I am hoping that 2019 will be a year of many positive steps forward for the county.  We also approved the appointment of Bret Gouveau as the Shasta County Fire Warden and Chief of the Shasta County Fire Department.  I was very impressed with the skill set Bret brought to the table during the Carr Fire as the Incident Commander.  He will serve Shasta County well.

The meeting also gave us the opportunity to publicly thank the Shasta County Employee of the Year for 2018, Probation Officer Daniel Irving.  Daniel is very highly regarded by his co-workers and he is one of many Shasta County employees that serve our county with dedication and integrity.  The Board of Supervisors is very thankful for the 2,000 +/- employees who have Shasta County as their employer.

In 2019 our new BOS chair will be Leonard Moty from District 2 and I will serve as the Vice Chair.  We are sorting through our various assignments for the year and it will be a busy one.  In addition to many other boards and committees, I will serve for the next two years on the board of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.  This particular board will be an important position so I can be up to date on information dealing with forest health and related topics.

I received a message from Mayers Memorial Hospital that the county is helping to fund an eight hour Crisis Intervention Training for employees.  This training will assist those employees who come into contact with anyone suffering from a psychological problem.   This training is very important for the employee and for the people they will come in contact with.  Thank you Mayers Memorial for being proactive.

The road maintenance project listing was approved by the BOS.  Just to summarize the District 3 projects, there will be new asphalt concrete overlay applied to portions of the Cassel Fall River Road, Dee Knoch Road and Swede Creek Road.  There is a proposed traffic signal that will be installed at Deschutes and Cedro Lane.  These projects are anticipating completion dates of October 2019 and are being funded by Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

I attended the Shasta County Cattlemen’s meeting in Palo Cedro.  I am happy to report that Val Urricelqui, from Millville, was selected as part of the National Beef Ambassador team for 2019.  Our local communities couldn’t be any prouder of her accomplishment.  I know her grandparents, Roger and Margie Urricelqui of McArthur, are her biggest fans and have every right to be delighted with her achievement.

As many residents of District 3 live in rural areas, I was wondering if anyone noticed the abundance of skunks this past year.  I am about to declare 2018 as the Year of the Skunk. We have trapped numerous skunks in the last few months.  They love to crawl through garbage cans and make a mess.  One evening I was calling in my cat, a 16-year black and white rescue cat.  Standing at the kitchen door I was expecting him to come running in from the dark, but much to my sheer terror a black and white skunk came running towards the door instead.  Luckily I shut the door in time, but it was a close call. Love the country, but it does have its challenges.

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Mary Rickert

Shasta County

District 3 Supervisor