The Shasta County Connection—12-5-18

By Mary Rickert,

At the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting, the board adopted a proclamation, which designated December 7, 2018 as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  Years ago we visited the site of the Pearl Harbor attack on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  It was definitely a memorable experience full of historical significance. I also recall a long time friend and Cal Poly professor share his story of how he watched the attack as a child from the hills above Oahu.  The terrifying event he witnessed was beyond belief and a sight he has never forgotten.  Many have sacrificed much for all Americans.

The Shasta County employee of the month for January 2018 was Timothy Blissett.  Tim works in the IT department for the county as a Senior Information Technology Analyst and regularly attends our board meetings.  Technology can be challenging and difficult, but Tim always approaches each challenge in a positive, professional and effective manner.

Also on the week’s agenda was the reappointment of Dr. Tom Watson to the Commission on Aging for District 3.  Dr. Watson is a long-time physician from Burney and I certainly appreciate his willingness to serve on this important commission.

A workshop I recently attended included a group of criminal justice partners, medical personnel, community officials and staff from Shasta County Health and Human Services to listen to guest speaker, Dr. Judith Martin.  Dr. Martin is the Deputy Director of Behavioral Health Services in San Francisco and the County’s Alcohol and Drug Administrator.  Her talk centered on medical treatment for those with addiction problems who are incarcerated.  It is a subject that needs our attention and I continue to encourage the possibility of developing a program in Shasta County for our jail.  If we are ever going to make any headway with crime, we need to look at what is driving the criminal behavior.  The majority of the time, drugs or alcohol are a major factor for incarceration.

With a huge increase in crime recently in the Fall River Valley, I met with the Undersheriff, Eric Magrini, while Sheriff Bosenko was out of town.  Undersheriff Magrini suggested that citizens utilize the online crime reporting option when a person has been a victim of a property crime.  I would like to encourage people to use the online reporting option on the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Web Page (  I know that often some of us don’t bother to report the loss of stolen property.  But it is important for the sheriff’s office to track these kinds of activities. Providing this information will help the Sheriff’s Office gather more accurate information and give them the ability to monitor more carefully what is happening in the local communities.  We still do need to notify the sheriff’s department directly if the crime needs immediate attention.  Don’t hesitate to call (530) 245-6540 to report a crime and if you have an emergency, please call 911.

I just returned from a meeting in Sacramento of the Rural Counties (RCRC) organization.  Crime is a problem in other counties all over California and there were lengthy discussions about the laws passed in the last few years that have created more difficulties with criminal behavior and homelessness.  It is no consolation that this is not a problem unique to Shasta County. It is something that our entire state seems to be dealing with.

As the Christmas Season fast approaches, I want to wish everyone the very best for the holidays and please drive carefully as the roads begin to accumulate snow and ice and make for hazardous driving conditions.

If you any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor


In 2016, Mary Rickert was elected to serve as Shasta County District 3 Supervisor. A 42-year resident of Shasta County, Mary has lived near McArthur since 1988.  Attending California Polytechnic State University as a Dairy Science major,  Mary also holds degrees in Business & Human Resources Management and Psychology from Simpson University.  Along with her husband Jim, the couple are owners of Western Agricultural Services— a farm management, appraisal and real estate brokerage firm.  They are also the majority owners of Prather Ranch— a nationally recognized, vertically integrated beef cattle operation. Mary and her husband Jim have three grown children and five grandchildren.