Mary Rickert

The Shasta County Connection

By Mary Rickert

With the flu season hitting hard across the United States, I hope that everyone is staying healthy.  This year’s flu season has made an early appearance, but let’s hope it subsides soon.  Stay well!

I’ve had some questions from folks about the proposed Fountain Wind Project.  I am sure many of you have read about this project proposed for the Intermountain Area.  If anyone has any questions, I highly recommend that you go online to the Shasta County Resource Management Web site.  Click on “EIRs” on the left side of the page and then click on the Fountain Wind Project.  The department has downloaded maps, diagrams and information about the proposed project.

To recap, the Fountain Wind Project would consist of up to 100 wind turbines and the necessary infrastructure scattered over 37,436 acres on 94 assessor parcels.  The current zoning of the land proposed for this project is Timber Production (TP) and Unclassified (U).  It is currently private timberland owned by Oxbow Timber I, LLC, based out of Portland, Oregon.  The project would be on both sides of Highway 299E and six miles west of the town of Burney.  It would be approximately 35 miles east of the City of Redding.  If you look at the map, it has a much different layout than the current Hatchet Ridge Wind Project configuration.  It would have a 347-megawatt (MW) generating capacity, much larger than the Hatchet Ridge Wind Project.

I hope this information gives a basic understanding of the proposed project and if anyone has any questions, the website has a very comprehensive list of diagrams, maps and a description of the project.

As we start the New Year, there are many areas of focus for the betterment of our communities in Shasta County.  I often hear about the concerns surrounding public safety.  Crime statistics are up and substance abuse is one of the causes of this.  From talking to those who are directly involved with the jail, I have been told that the majority of inmates incarcerated are there as a result of a drug-related crime.  Many of those incarcerated state that they often started using drugs by taking doctor prescribed pills out of their parents’ medicine cabinet.  I would like to encourage everyone to consider cleaning out their medicine cabinet, dispose of any expired medications and drop them off at the local Shasta County Sheriff’s office or Owens Pharmacy locations. Then take any other potentially addictive medications and lock them up in a secure location.  We can all do our part to improve this very serious situation.

I hope everyone has a good week and please, stay well!

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In 2016, Mary Rickert was elected to serve as Shasta County District 3 Supervisor. A 42-year resident of Shasta County, Mary has lived near McArthur since 1988.  Attending California Polytechnic State University as a Dairy Science major,  Mary also holds degrees in Business & Human Resources Management and Psychology from Simpson University.  Along with her husband Jim, the couple are owners of Western Agricultural Services— a farm management, appraisal and real estate brokerage firm.  They are also the majority owners of Prather Ranch— a nationally recognized, vertically integrated beef cattle operation. Mary and her husband Jim have three grown children and five grandchildren.