The Shasta County Connection—9-13-18

By Mary Rickert, 

I want to start off with the best news ever, in my opinion.  Many years ago, while I served on the Shasta County Mental Health Board, the County voted to close the Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) for economic reasons.  I was part of a committee that was in support of keeping the facility open.  I do believe Shasta County has felt the impact of that decision for several years.  Now for the good news!  By a unanimous vote, our Board approved a resolution designating Shasta Regional Medical Center as the location for a facility to provide 72-hour emergency mental health treatment and assessment.  It will also include a 14-day intensive treatment and a 30-day treatment program if needed.  This facility will have 20 beds available. There are many advantages to have a facility of this sort on site of a major medical hospital.  I couldn’t be more pleased and excited for this facility to be established. Thank you Shasta Regional Medical Center for being a part of this amazing project and to Prime Healthcare Services-Shasta LLC for providing these much-needed services.  This will allow Shasta County residents to have a local facility for someone dealing with a mental health crisis.  Our entire County will benefit from this step taken for more available mental health treatment.

The Board of Supervisors also approved an ordinance, the first of many in the pipeline, allowing “temporarily modifying and/or suspending various county housing, permitting, and health and safety codes and policies to expedite transition of residents and their families made homeless or displaced as a result of the Carr Fire”.  The Board will continue to bring forth additional ordinances to fast-track the system as much as possible for people to rebuild.  One of my biggest concerns as a result of this fire is the potential hazardous erosion, which could imperil our watershed.  There is much discussion and work centered on mitigation for this kind of situation.

Congratulations to Circle of Friends located in Burney on their 10th Anniversary!  I stopped in briefly to offer my sincere appreciation for all the great work Lynn Erickson and her staff does to operate this drop-in center for those with a mental health diagnosis.  The center has grown and been a vital part of the Burney community.  Thank you Lynn, for your dedication to this invaluable program.

There was also some good news for the residents of Big Eddy Estates and the Fall River Valley as a whole.  There was a Public Meeting held by Shasta County Public Works displaying four optional designs for the new bridge to be constructed over the Pit River south of Fall River Mills.  Topics covered included the proposed timeline for construction, project design and input from local residents as to what design they preferred.  The entire community is looking forward to this completed project.

I want to express my appreciation for the many letters, emails, and phone calls I have received over the last couple of weeks on the proposed rezoning project in Palo Cedro.  I have tried to respond to most of them, but due to the enormous quantity received I have not been able to respond to everyone.  I am unable to comment prior to the Board meeting on the 18th. Please know I am compiling information and will make my remarks on the 18th.

For those interested in attending the Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting to attend the Public Hearing on the proposed General Plan and Zoning Amendments on the parcel in Palo Cedro, the meeting will be held September 18th at 9:00 am.  The location is the Board of Supervisor Chambers at 1450 Court Street in Redding.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

In 2016, Mary Rickert was elected to serve as Shasta County District 3 Supervisor. A 42-year resident of Shasta County, Mary has lived near McArthur since 1988.  Attending California Polytechnic State University as a Dairy Science major,  Mary also holds degrees in Business & Human Resources Management and Psychology from Simpson University.  Along with her husband Jim, the couple are owners of Western Agricultural Services— a farm management, appraisal and real estate brokerage firm.  They are also the majority owners of Prather Ranch— a nationally recognized, vertically integrated beef cattle operation. Mary and her husband Jim have three grown children and five grandchildren.