From the Redding Police Department:

Successful Conclusion to a Very Dangerous Incident

On July 7, 2018, at 12:26 pm, a 21-year-old male called SHASCOM saying he was suicidal, armed with a rifle and was walking into a greenbelt area along Churn Creek near Victor Avenue. Redding police officers responded to the area, while the male subject spoke with dispatchers via 911.

Officers secured a perimeter around the greenbelt area where the subject was. A CHP – Northern Division Air Operations helicopter assisted in coordinating the perimeter and attempt to locate the subject in the heavy vegetation.

Due to the fact the subject stated he was armed with a rifle, he was claiming to be suicidal and was possibly a threat to the general public as his true intent was unknown; almost all patrol resources were assigned to the incident. The area where he was located was heavily vegetated, with several escape routes and is surrounded by residential neighborhoods.

The Redding Police Department does everything possible to resolve situations like this with the least amount of force possible. In this case, two Redding Police K-9’s were assigned to the incident and ready for immediate deployment and several officers were armed with less-lethal shotguns. Additionally, the police armored rescue vehicle was utilized to protect officers while attempting to locate the armed subject. Two hostage negotiators were called in to assist and speak with the subject.

The subject disconnected with dispatchers after saying he was not in his right mind. The public address system of the armored vehicle was used to try and reestablish communication with the subject. Officers were eventually able to find the subject sitting on a log and saw that he was still armed with a rifle. The male eventually threw the rifle down and called 911 again. He was put through to a negotiator. Over two hours after the situation began, the male surrendered without force being used. He was taken into custody and later transported to a local hospital for medical treatment and psychological evaluation.

The subject wrote a suicide note which was near the log where he was sitting. In his note, he apologized saying, “sorry to the officer that had to shoot me.” This statement clearly indicated his intent to force officers to shoot him. He also wrote messages to loved ones including his burial requests. Officers located the rifle he threw down, which was a camouflage pellet rifle.

The Redding Police Department is very happy this situation was resolved without anyone being injured. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’.