On Thursday, 11/28/2019, at approximately 7:12 p.m., deputies with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, City of Shasta Lake Division, were dispatched to the 4300 block of Meade Street in regards to an intoxicated subject who discharged a firearm inside his residence with two other occupants inside.  The subject was identified as Kenneth George Walsh, age 54.  Walsh was recently arrested for DUI and also had a misdemeanor warrant issued for his arrest regarding his failure to complete Sheriff’s Office workdays  as a result of his DUI conviction.

Upon arrival at the residence, Walsh was observed moving around inside but would not comply with orders to exit the residence.  Walsh eventually opened the front door to the residence but would not leave the threshold.  Walsh refused to comply with orders to show his hands and kept his right hand concealed inside the threshold of the door.  It was unknown if Walsh was still armed with the firearm or not based upon this action.  Deputies attempted to deescalate the situation with Walsh by establishing dialogue with him.  Walsh continued to be uncooperative and began threatening the safety of deputies by telling them they would regret not leaving the residence.  Walsh continued to escalate his aggressive behavior by making more threats towards deputies.  At one point, Walsh exited the residence onto the front porch.  Deputies attempted to detain him but Walsh retreated back into the residence.  When deputies attempted to detain Walsh, it appeared he was unarmed.  Deputies seized this opportunity to pursue Walsh and resolve the contact peacefully.  Deputies followed Walsh into the residence where Walsh armed himself with a metal baseball bat.  Walsh raised the baseball bat above his head in a threatening manner. Deputies were close enough to immediately engage Walsh with physical contact and attempted to detain him.  Walsh continued to violently resist deputies and was ultimately detained in handcuffs after the use of a less-lethal Taser device.  Walsh was then placed under arrest for 69 PC: Willfully attempting to deter law enforcement from performing official duties by the means of any threat or violence (felony), 417(a)(1) PC: Exhibit a deadly weapon in a threatening manner (misdemeanor), and the warrant issued for his arrest. Walsh was then medically cleared and transported to the Shasta County Jail where he was released to jail staff.

Deputies located live and expended ammunition casings inside the residence but were unable to locate the handgun.  Follow up investigation is being conducted in regards to the other two occupants of the residence being victims during this incident.  Additional charges may be filed with the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office after the conclusion of the follow-up investigation.