Monique Solorio


On Wednesday, 09/12/2018, deputies with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, City of Shasta Lake, Patrol Division, went to a residence in the 1800 block of Shasta Street to conduct a probation compliance check. Upon arrival, the homeowner, 29 year old Monique Solorio, was contacted outside the residence. Deputies attempted to enter the residence however, the occupants inside locked the exterior front door. After making numerous announcements to the occupants inside, entry into the residence was


Once inside the residence, deputies contacted: 28 year old

Kimberly Woodcock

Kimberly Woodcock, 33 year old Brandon Lawrence, and 28 year old Megan Seiler. Both Brandon Lawrence and

Brandon Lawrence

Megan Seiler initially provided deputies with false names in attempt to conceal their identities. Lawrence was determined to be on Post Release Community Supervision/PRCS and had a felony arrest warrants. Seiler was determined to be on Probation in Shasta County. Woodcock was determined to be on Probation in Shasta County and had one misdemeanor warrant and one felony warrant. 



Megan Seiler

While checking the interior of the residence for other individuals, deputies located a hidden door in the floor ofthe living room area. The hidden door lead into a small crawl space where deputies located 28 year old David Paul Jones. Jones was determined to be on PRCS and had three felony arrest warrants. Once Jones was removed from the crawl space, deputies searched the crawl space and located a box of ammunition and stolen property related to a Redding Police Department case. Jones has prior felony convictions and, is therefore, prohibited from owning or possessing ammunition.



David Paul Jones

During a subsequent search of the residence and individuals contacted, deputies located suspected methamphetamine, suspected heroin, hypodermic syringes, methamphetamine pipes, and other related narcotic paraphernalia. All the subjects were arrested and transported to the Shasta County Jail and booked on warrant(s) and fresh charges.


In a continuing effort to ensure accountability, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, City of Shasta Lake, Patrol Division, will continue to conduct such checks to verify those on probation are in compliance with their court-ordered terms.