More than $217 million allocated to improve and maintain California’s multidodal transportation system

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated more than $217 million to 72 projects, to support needed upkeep on California’s aging roads and bridges, make upgrades to transit and rail systems and encourage use of alternative forms of transportation, including biking and walking.

“Caltrans is working to ensure every dollar counts when it comes to California’s transportation infrastructure,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “These investments will benefit Californians by improving the economy and the environment.”

The newly allocated funding includes $130.8 million from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) for 23 “fix-it first” projects that will repair bumpy pavement, preserve roads that are in good condition from deteriorating and upgrade bridges to make them safer and stronger.

Other allocations include:

  • $50 million for two Transit and Intercity Rail Program projects
  • $22 million towards 40 Active Transportation Program projects
  • $3 million for three capital improvement projects both on and off the state highway system as part of the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The remaining funding allocations came from assorted transportation accounts funded by state and federal dollars. 

Among the projects that received funding allocations today were:

Shasta County: 

  • Implement a “Road Diet” (5 lanes to 3 lanes) on Deschutes Road adjacent to Junction School and provide raised median crosswalk refuge islands to enhance crossing safety. Allocation Amount: $65,000  — The project limits are on Deschutes Road from immediately south of Hwy 44 to Hillside Drive, approximately 1/2 mile in length. 
Junction School frontage section of Deschutes Road in Palo Cedro







Siskiyou County:

  • Near Grenada, on Old Hwy 99 east of Cram Gulch Road. Replace the existing box culvert with a similar structure or single span bridge. Allocation Amount $75,000
  • In Yreka at the intersection of Old Hwy 99 and Guys Gulch. Bridge replacement and roadway alignment. Allocation Amount $75,000

Humbolt County: 

  • In Humboldt and Mendocino counties, on Routes 20 and 101 at various locations. Upgrade guard railing, transition railing and end treatments to make standard, to improve safety, and to reduce the number and severity of collisions. Allocation Amount: $2,816,000
  • Construct new sidewalk and curb ramps in the vicinity of LaFayette School on Park Street, John Hill Road, 17th Street, 18th Street and Myrtle Avenue. Allocation Amount: $655,000

Yuba County: 

  • In Marysville, at the intersection of State Route 20 and B Street. Demolish building. Improve existing parking lot at Caltrans District 3 office. Allocation Amount: $1,042,000
  • On Seventh Avenue from Olivehurst Avenue to 400 feet east of Arboga Road. Construct curb, gutter, sidewalk, bicycle lanes, curb ramps, striping, traffic control devices, raised crosswalk, curb extensions, pedestrian refuge islands, rapid flash beacons, and improved pedestrian lighting. Allocation Amount: $164,000

 Plumas County:

  • $11.6 million was allocated for the replacement of the existing bridge on State Route 70 near the town of Belden at Yellow Creek, which is showing signs of wear.  The new structure will improve seismic strength, increase shoulder width to 8 feet and provide new standard bridge rail. This project will also improve intersection sight distance and access to adjacent Safety Roadside Rest Area.

Please see the attached file for more information about all projects that received allocations. march-ctc-allocations