By Palomino Armstrong

Well it’s going to be one of those years. I can barely breathe as I write this. We have already seen so much heartbreak this year. I was really hoping coming home would mean at least a short break and time to get things set up for foal season. That definitely did not happen.

Sadly, we had to euthanize not only our beautiful Black Jack, who’s organs were shutting down, but the other little filly as well. Fancy Pants came to us with a severely broken neck, a horrific infection which had led to her being septic, and their was zero choice about ending her suffering. Fancy Pants had received some type of bite injury, and although there has been much speculation about what attacked her, our vet felt the severity of her broken neck and the wounds and bloodwork showed it could have been a stallion bite. I dealt with one of those in South Dakota, although not deadly and not as severe. The vet said they are extremely dangerous and oh so painful.

Just when you think you can’t stand any more pain it fills your world. So not only did we have over $650 in vet bills with those two, (plus the other kids had additional vet care and expenses), we also had to pay to bury them. The good thing in all of this is that their alternate ending would most likely have been to be torn apart while still alive by the coyotes. The babies left this world safe in our arms, warm, with full bellies and peacefully. So although it makes the vet expenses extremely frustrating, we did the best we could for the least amount of money.

As I write this, I have a 1-2 year old filly in our trailer with what appears to be a broken jaw. (shown above) She is one of the ISPMB horses we placed in October. She was gentled by some amazing folks we work with in Idaho (Jimmi Sue Boyter) and placed in her new home. Unfortunately, while she was out with the other horses, something happened to her jaw. Unfortunately it is severe and she lost a great deal of weight by the time it was noticed. Being unable to care for her the folks placed her with another woman who did her best. However, we needed to pick her up as she is rapidly failing and is in really bad shape now. The folks contacted us when they could not take care of the problem rather than let her die. Unfortunately they waited longer than they should, but all we can do now is our absolute best to bring her back. She is definitely on the “critical list”.

MATT is ON HIS WAY HOME RIGHT NOW – once again with ANOTHER NEWBORN ORPHAN. This is so overwhelming and the mom just walked away so obviously he/she is going to have issues most likely. But since this is what God gives us in front of us, we will do our best to help this little one. The 3 that we buried in the back yard got here way too late and we didn’t have a chance to help them, although Black Jack didn’t have any chance, his bloodwork was so horrible.

So once again we are reaching out and hoping folks can help however they can. Whether it is prayers, sharing the information or a donation of any kind. Normally we don’t run to the vet with every baby as we simply cannot afford it. However, this year has been brutal and we are doing everything we can with what we are given.

Between the now 3,000+ miles that Matt has driven unpaid to pick up these emergency cases, the fuel for that (approx $750+ just for fuel), the bottles of Colostrum, the medications, vet visits, milk etc. etc. etc we are hurting badly. With foal season just beginning and so many babies having issues it is going to be a really tough year.


UPDATE: New baby Stormy has pneumonia. Vet says he does have a chance PTL! Please keep him in your prayers. Love’s Legacy suffered a traumatic injury to her trachea and the vet is concerned she might have a nerve injury which is causing her jaw to go sideways. As of this point she is on mash and a very special needs girl. She will be rechecked and more tests needed after giving her some time to improve.

With Stormy’s meds the total with xrays etc. was a few pennies shy of $1000.

Baby Stormy’s blood work is “pretty good”, but of course as he just got his Colostrum today we haven’t been able to check his IGG levels.

And as luck would have it, I already received a call about another baby in NV. At this time we are on stand by again.


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