On Thursday, July 7, 2017, the Redding Police Department’s Neighborhood Police Unit partnered with City of Redding Code Enforcement to conduct Massage Parlor compliance checks within the City of Redding. Four separate businesses were contacted by an undercover police officer while NPU officers conducted surveillance with a code enforcement officer who was present to conduct the compliance checks. All four businesses were found in violation for prostitution and numerous code violations.

Hong’s Foot & Body Massage at 2002 Hilltop Drive was contacted in the early afternoon. The business is owned and operated in partnership by Hong Peng 58 years of Redding and Li Yanling 60 years of Redding. The undercover officer arranged for a massage with Li Yanling and during the business negotiation, an additional price was negotiated for sex wherein Yanling exposed her breasts to the undercover officer then went and retrieved a condom to complete the act. At that point officers entered the business and arrested Yanling for prostitution and conducted a business compliance check with the code enforcement officer. That compliance check found numerous items related to sexual activity, lingerie, and some additional building code enforcement issues which will be enforced by city code enforcement. Yanling was cited and released for misdemeanor prostitution. Code enforcement will review the municipal code violations found, which may result in the business being closed.

So Good Massage at 1347 E. Cypress Avenue was contacted next and the undercover officer made arrangements for a massage with Xiaohong Hao 53 years of Redding. During that business arrangement, an additional price was agreed to for a sexual act. Hao left the room and retrieved a condom and returned. NPU officers entered the business to arrest Hao for prostitution when she attempted to flee out a back door. She was caught and arrested, and a compliance check was done with the code enforcement officer. Numerous hidden condoms were found in the business as well as sexual lubricants, and a living quarters, which are municipal code violations. Pages of business transactions depicting prices for the agreed upon sexual acts were also located. Hao was arrested and booked at Shasta County jail for prostitution and resisting arrest. City code enforcement will review the municipal code violations found, which may result in the business being closed.

RPD NPU makes correction on wrong massage parlor arrest

On July 7, 2017, the Redding Police Neighborhood Police Unit issued a press release in regards to several massage parlor compliance checks completed on July 6, 2017. In that press release, it was mentioned that a massage parlor located at 3025 Bechelli Lane had been out of compliance and that a Ying Li had been arrested for prostitution. That information was incorrect.

The correct address should be 2759 Bechelli Lane, and the name of the person arrested was Jun Li, 39 years of Redding. The business name should be Li Li’s Massage.

3025 Bechelli Lane is, in fact, a massage parlor known as Oriental Massage operated by YING LI, however, was not a focus of any investigation.

We apologize for any confusion.

Deleted Information Correction at right.

Hands of China Massage was contacted at 591 Azalea Avenue during the evening. This business was operating out of a residence, but had a business permit, which is not allowed

. The undercover officer made arrangements for a massage with owner/operator Lihua Yeh 59 years of Redding. Also present at the business was co-owner of the business Steven Nichols 56 years of Redding. Again, a price was negotiated for sexual activity when Yeh left the room, returned with a condom, and removed her clothing. NPU entered the business and arrested Yeh for prostitution and assisted code enforcement with a compliance check. During that check numerous municipal code violations were found which will be reviewed by the code enforcement officer. The investigation also discovered several loaded firearms in the business and an interview with co-owner Nichols discovered that he and Lihua Yeh are husband and wife. Nichols indicated he had knowledge of the illegal activity occurring at the business and was financially profiting from part of the proceeds earned. Nichols was arrested and booked into Shasta County jail for Pimping his spouse, a felony. Yeh was cited and released for misdemeanor prostitution.

During this ongoing investigation, NPU officers found there are approximately 25 illicit massage parlors operating in the city of Redding. It should be noted that this investigation found no indications of human trafficking being a factor in any of these arrests. All the females arrested indicated they were conducting their business freely and willfully for financial gain.