Officers with the Redding Police Department working in cooperation with the Shasta County Probation Department, State Parole, and Code Enforcement served a search warrant at a home in the 1800 block of South Street earlier this morning.  The residence has been the scene of numerous police responses over the last two months.

On July 19, 2018, Officers responded to the residence after a vehicle was used to run over a person in the Rite Aid parking lot on Eureka Way was found parked in front of the home.  Approximately 12 people were located as they left the home.  Ultimately, one suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after confirming the car was intentionally used in an effort to run over the victim.

On September 1, 2018, Officers responded to the residence after receiving a report of a burglary that was supposedly in progress to the home.  Officers ultimately contacted Jordan Ericsson, 10/31/1982, of Redding and his live-in girlfriend, Christy Vogiatzis, 01/02/1988, of Redding inside the home.  Ericsson and Vogiatzis were ultimately arrested for the sales of controlled substances.  

During the arrest, Ericsson was identified as the suspect in at least two stolen credit card investigations.  He was interviewed and confessed to using the cards but insisted he wasn’t the person who stole the items.  Property from the two car burglaries was still missing which led to the search warrant.

Christy Vogiatzis was found inside the home alongside a juvenile and another adult male during the service of today’s search warrant.  Evidence of ongoing drug use was located inside the home as well as two stolen credit cards from a separate auto burglary.  Ericsson was still in jail.  Vogiatzis said she didn’t know anything about the stolen credit cards that were found in a shared bathroom.

The home was found to be in horrible disarray and had exposed wiring, garbage inside and outside the home, and had broken windows in almost every room that were being covered by plywood.  The home has been in this condition since at least July of this year.

Code Enforcement Supervisor S. Wilkomm was beckoned to the location.  Wilkomm has been working on the code enforcement violations with the homeowner, Janice Mackey, 02/25/1947, of Redding for several months.  Wilkomm will continue to address the situation at the home through the code enforcement violations.

Vogiatzis was booked for a probation violation, obstructing police officers, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Additional charges are pending for other individuals who reside at the home as well as for Mackey for her allowing the ongoing criminal activity at the residence.

Residences such as this represent a very significant danger to our community.  Officers continue to work faithfully in identifying and addressing these locations.  We remain committed to our community and are grateful for the hardworking and honest citizens who continue to call and take an active role in making Redding a terrific place to live and work.  Anyone with additional information regarding this home is asked to contact Officer B. Moore who was the investigating officer.