Dear Media:

After hearing the news about the POTUS’ vulgar statement on Haiti and certain African countries and the issue of immigration, I feel it’s time that the media reach out to our House of Representative Doug LaMalfa and ask him what he now thinks of POTUS on this statement and those that have been made in regards to Social Security, Health Care, DACA and other important issues to citizens in Congressional District 1.
I personally have reached my empathetic peak in terms of wanting to even think that the POTUS and our congressperson are on the right track of the majority of constituents in CD1.
Mr. LaMalfa has been silent way too long and needs to be queried about the outrageous comments made by POTUS.  I am asking the media to put Mr. La Malfa’s feet to the fire and ask him key and critical questions on the aforementioned subjects, regardless of my political affiliation.
Thank You for your diligent reporting,
Frank D. Treadway