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CaptiveAire, Inc. receives job credits and opts to remain in Redding


The Redding City Council approved an Industrial Job Credit Agreement with CaptiveAire, Inc. in order to facilitate an expansion of their operations in the City of Redding. CaptiveAire will receive $116,000 in job credits to offset the development impact fees associated with construction of a new facility.

CaptiveAire is the leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems in the United States and serves its clients located along the west coast from their Redding facility. Since 2006, CaptiveAire has been an important part of the local economy by providing over 130 jobs. In 2016, the City of Redding competed against locations in Nevada and Oklahoma for an expansion of CaptiveAire’s facility and retention of their current operation. The City offered incentives in accordance with City Council Policy 804 in an effort to compete favorably against the other locations. In the end, CaptiveAire chose to remain in Redding and invest in an additional building across the street from their current facility (3607 Thunder Bird Drive).

The expansion promises to bring an additional 29 jobs to the Redding operation, all of which will pay more than the median hourly wage in the Redding Metropolitan Statistical Area ($17.30 per hour). The expansion also retains the existing 132 jobs that are important to our residents and local economy.