The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is currently releasing 50,000 cubic feet of water per second (cfs) into the Sacramento River.  It is forecasted to reach 60,000 cfs on Saturday February 11, 2017, and 70,000 cfs on Sunday February 12, 2017.  The releases are necessary to ensure adequate flood storage in Shasta Lake.

With Shasta Dam releases being raised to 50,000 cfs, Sheriff Tom Bosenko has closed the Sacramento River to recreational use and boating effective immediately.  This closure is necessary due to the dangerous conditions created by the high river flows, debris and for public safety.  This closure is pursuant to Section 409.5 of the California penal code and does not apply to any lakes in Shasta County. 

People should use common sense and avoid using the river and its tributaries until the flows return to normal, at which time this order will be rescinded.  High releases have caused localized flooding in many areas, as well as road closures throughout the county.  The closure will be lifted as soon as it is safe.  It is anticipated that these high releases will continue due to the series of storms the area is experiencing.

The intent of this order is to avoid the unnecessary risk to the recreational river user/boater and rescue personnel.  Any violation of this order will be subject to citation or arrest.