In phase 2, Palomino reports having adopted out over 70 horses with 20 more sending out today


By Palomino Armstrong

It’s Monday morning, and we are getting ready to “git ‘er done”! Since my last update, we have sent out 6 semi’s full of horses to Nevada. They will be wormed, have their hoofers trimmed and receive any vet care they might need, (including being gelded) before they head to their new homes. The first two semi’s held 56 of the Virginia Range Stallions, who will spend the rest of their lives together as “the boys”. The four trailer loads we sent out two days ago held the Gila Herd, and they will get to stay with their families as a herd at a sanctuary in Northern CA.

We have also adopted out over 70(?) horses to individuals in Phase 2, and today we are sending out another 20. Add that to the 270 we rounded up, sorted and loaded out in Phase 1, we have made substantial progress considering there were 810 horses to begin with. So we are making progress. But we are running out of time and funds for this project, so we need to be done in a couple of weeks.

We have been working nonstop with no days off, no rest and facing lots of challenging situations. One of my biggest frustrations is that I should be home where I could be providing critical care to the orphaned foals coming in. I am praying I will be home soon and things will be back to “normal” lol.


This is a picture taken by Karen about the time FOA and our ground crew arrived back at ISPMB to move the horses. Braveheart is an older stallion, who is blind in one eye and obviously needs some TLC. (The State has been feeding every day since October but Braveheart obviously needs a bit more personalized care.)

When you spend time on the ground, you really get to know these horses. Braveheart had been gaining weight, and his coat had improved greatly prior to us sorting the White Sands herd. However, he obviously needs some help, and he has made it very clear to those of us who are on the ground and see him everyday that he is NOT a quitter. All of the horses are amazing and steal your heart, but this little man has that “something extra”. He is sweet and kind and definitely wants to be here.

So we need your help. Braveheart injured his blind eye and most likely will need it removed. He needs his teeth floated and may be a special needs horse for the rest of his life. However, there is a good chance he will thrive after a bit of dental work and extra groceries. Whatever the outcome, he is asking for a chance and together, we can give it to him. We realize we can’t save them all, but when one makes it clear he wants to be here, we are going to do our best to give him a chance. As he had been gaining weight, we are very hopeful that he will start to thrive. The State Vet was out and he suggested some blood work as well, so we need your help to get him whatever he needs.

Back at the ranch (lol), the babies are improving every day. We just ordered $1500 worth of hay, and the babies are inhaling the milk and milk pellets. It ends up costing more when they are so behind to start with, but they will be available for adoption soon and should have wonderful lives. We still have our special needs blind kids and more coming.

This has been the hardest, saddest and most exhausting rescue we have done, but it is worth it to know that so many lives are being saved and so many horses are going to safe and wonderful homes. THANK YOU for helping! We can’t do it without you. We are driving over 1800 miles each month just to get back and forth to the ranch every day. There are not a lot of options around here for anywhere to stay that is closer, and that really adds to a long day. But the horses are worth it, so here we are!

sunset in sd

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